We are honored to be included in a new article about interdisciplinary collaboration in Environmental Management, check it out here! Facilitaing Integration in Interdisciplinary Research: Lessons from a South Florida Water, Sustainability, and Climate Project. For more information on the 5 year project led by Mike Sukop visit their website at


BTT released an incredible video by Richard Kern on bonefish in Florida Bay and we were privileged to be a part of it! Check it out here: Stalking the Grey Ghost


Check out this new article on how Snook use of rivers along a latitudinal gradient published in collaboration with FWC!

Illustrating the value of cross-site comparisons: Habitat use by a large, euryhaline fish differs along a latitudinal gradient



Congratulations to Dr. Jesse Blanchard for successfully defending his dissertation !






Rehage Lab was happy to have Zenaida Navarro, a visiting student  from the University of Havana, on our first MAP sampling trip of the season! Thank you, Zenaida, for all your help!


We’ll share our campsite with our Citizen Scientists Dave, Larry, and Emilio any day!


F.I.U. News published an article on some of our current research in the coastal lakes of Everglades National Park, click the link to check it out! Freshwater flow affects Everglades fish. But how?

Check out some of our current research in an article published by F.I.U. News! Scientists study portion of Everglades closed to people for decades

Our research was featured in an article published by Snook & Gamefish Fundation. Check it out and find out how you can get involved! Angler Data Helps re-open Joe Bay to Fishing After Nearly 40 Years of Closure

Congratulations to Vanessa Trujillo for successfully defending her dissertation!

Fish Slam 2017 was a successful attempt to remove invasive fish species! Check out an article published by Miami Herald! What’s smaller than a python but just as bad for South Florida? Invasive fish

Congratulations to Greg Hill for successfully defending his thesis! 


Featured on OTN’s social media pages! Check out their twitter page! Ocean Tracking Network (OTN)

Check out an article released by Florida Sportsman that features our research in the reopening of Joe Bay! Florida Sportsman – Joe Bay Reopens: The Everglades Newest No Motor Zone

Our research was featured on Saltwater TV! Check it out!  Saltwater TV – Battle of Florida Bay

Listen to Dr. Rehage’s interview on WLRN’s Tropical Currents! Temperature Dips and South Florida Vegetation

D. Gandy and J. Rehage recently published a paper in Ecosphere! Click the link! Examining gradients in ecosystem novelty: fish assemblage structure in an invaded Everglades canal system



We are currently seeking a full time technician to join our lab! See full ad in prospective student page.

We hosted the ERDC CESU team, and the ACOE Jacksonville district, airboat ride included!

Boat A

Ross Boucek receives Guy Harvey Scholarship award,

FIU News article featuring Project Bay Bones and its survey of bonefish anglers (Emily Kroloff’s Master’s research), Sept 2015, 

Florida Sportsman article features our bonefish survey, August 2015,

Guy Harvey Online Magazine features our collaborative work with Bonefish and Tarpon Trust and the bonefish survey, August 2015,

Sun Sentinel article features our bonefish survey in South Florida, August 2015,

Research in coastal Everglades featured on Jeff Corwin’s Ocean Mysteries (ABC), May 23, 2015,



The Miami Herald featured an article on our new study on bonefish in Florida Bay, Nov 2014,

Angler magazine ‘FISHSENS’ featured an article on new research on snook recruitment and angler catches funded by the Everglades Foundation, Nov 2014.

Video by nonprofit organization Encounters in Excellence featuring our electrofishing sampling in the Shark River, Everglades National Park and our work involving recreational anglers, Fall 2014:

High-schooler digs the Everglades, article by high school student Felipe Tamayo, LTER Network News Fall 2014, Vol 27,

Article in Florida Sportsman magazine featuring our research involving recreational anglers, Oct  2014:

FIU News article featuring Everglades Foundation funding to PhD student Ross Boucek, Oct 2014:

FIU News article featuring Global Change Biology 2014 publication, May 2014:

Article in the Coastal Angler magazine featuring our research involving recreational anglers, July 2014:



Article in the Miami Herald features our research involving recreational anglers, July 2013:

Story brief forthcoming in FIU Magazine (Fall 2013) featuring ecological traps research from: Trends in Ecology & Evolution publication,  magazine-fall-2013

NPR’s Radiolab article featuring Trends in Ecology and Evolution 2013 publication:

National Geographic article by C. Zimmer featuring Trends in Ecology and Evolution 2013 publication:

 FIU News article featuring Trends in Ecology and Evolution 2013 publication, July 2013:

FIU News article on Jessica Lee’s citizen science research, MS student in my lab, May 2013.

FIU News article featuring new National Science Foundation grant on Water Sustainability and Climate Change in the Everglades (Dr. M. Sukop is PI, Dr. J.S. Rehage is co-PI), March  2013:



Student musings form the LTER ASM, article by REU (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) undergraduate student Mari Soula*, FCE LTER Newsletter, Fall 2012,

My first scientific conference, article by REU (National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Undergraduates) undergraduate Mari Soula, LTER Network News Fall 2012, Vol 25,



Beacon student newspaper article featuring research by graduate student Diana Lopez (MS’ 2011), ‘Graduate student collects carnivorous fish, perform experiments’, Sept. 2009.