Participant Comments

Strategic Career Planning for Women Faculty – An Intervention and Training Program

Participants’ Comments from Career Development Program

Florida International University 2012

  • Excellent to hear the common challenges and potential solutions. And just to get together with so many positive female role models.
  • This was a very positive experience.
  • Wonderful events! I would like to teach my students many of these skills – assertiveness, acknowledging their accomplishments and qualities, and learning to negotiate so they can get what they need to be successful
  • Fun!
  • Asking for advice, being able to give advice from/with other women faculty was the most valuable thing. Our table spent several of the role playing scenarios talking about specific issues we were dealing with (often not related to the assigned role playing).
  • All the sessions were fruitful, but these could have been longer also. I think the topics should most closely relate to what female faculty/administrators are currently facing in the work place, and on a much larger scale in the country; of course, this last one maybe more political.
  • It was very useful, well organized. Thanks!!

NSF ADVANCE Leadership Workshop, Virginia Commonwealth Univ/Univ of Virginia, 2009

This is my second year with Dr. Rose! Even better than the first year! Thank you so much for your valuable advice and the intriguing journey to professional self-awareness and self-discovery.
Amy Throckmorton, Assistant Professor
Mechanical Engineering, Virginia Commonwealth University, 2009

I found tthe sessions with you to be very powerful and they definitely have motivated me. I feel more confident and convinced about the power that I have.
Chrysanthe Preza, Assistant Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Memphis, 2009

This workshop got me thinking about taking control of my own future. I really enjoyed getting personal feedback and advice from Suzanna and my peer group about my plans for the future.
Donna Ebenstein, Assistant Professor
Biomedical Engineering, Bucknell University, 2009

Dr. Rose’s sessions on “What’s Important” and case studies was most beneficial in providing me with real-life strategies that can be implemented in my career. These strategies were very relevant to my career advancement.
Sylvia Thomas, Assistant Professor
Electrical Engineering, University of South Florida

University of Michigan, NSF ADVANCE, 2009

  • It helped me to realize and vocalize issues that are real problems.
  • Facilitated discussion and made it applicable to all different career levels.
  • Asked deep questions that made me think, especially about the personal and professional both mattering but not in a cliched way.
  • Great facilitator. Positive attitude. Reminded us to be grateful, that we have a great job and that if something is not being done, it is because we are not making it happen. We have power! Good perspective on what was solvable vs what alternatives we should consider.
  • Problem solving case studies were a great opportunity to learn from peers. Tara Breslin, Assistant Professor, Surgery
  • Excellent program to give me a “time out” to look at my career and life and how to keep it on track.

NSF ADVANCE Alliance, Colby College, Maine, 2009

  • Suzanna made a 4 hour workshop feel like 30 minutes! Lauren Sefak, Assistant Professor, Chemical Engineering, Lafayette College
  • The case studies were fascinating. it was an effective way for us to learn about each other’s challenges and to offer constructive advice. Judy Stone, Associate Professor, Biology, Colby College
  • I was able to identify what I really knew (deep down) that was one of the biggest issues. Now that it is in the forefront, I feel closer to getting a resolution.
  • Very knowledgeable. i liked the way information was continuously provided in a seamless, conversational way.

University of Michigan 2008

  • Great facilitator – positive attitude – reminded us to be grateful, that we have a great job and that if something is not being done, it’s because we’re not making it happen. We have power.
  • Excellent program to give me a “time out” to look at my career and life and how to keep it on track
  • Facilitated discussion and made it applicable to all of the different career levels
  • Facilitating career case studies
  • Asking deep questions that made me think, especially about the personal and professional both mattering but not in a clichéd way

I took your advice seriously and implemented it right away and guess what? I was able to swap a faculty member a lower level course for a senior level course. I am very pleased. Thank you so much. Your advice was and still is very appreciated. Thank you! Also, I will definitely try the mid-semester survey.
Gymama Slaughter, Assistant Professor
Engineering & Technology, Computer Engineering, Virginia State University, 2007

Dr. Rose provides insightful advice. She is an excellent facilitator and gets the participants to truly reflect on all aspects of one’s career and look forward to the possibilities of one’s future. 
Rosalyn Hobson, Associate Dean, Graduate Studies 
Electrical Engineering, Virginia Commonwealth University, 2007

Suzanna provides clear insights and positive impact to all her workshop participants. Highly recommended!
Stephanie Guerlain, Associate Professor
Systems & Information Engineering, University of Virginia, 2007

Her personalized case study analysis on the most important aspects related to mine/peer career development was extremely helpful. The information obtained through it makes me feel empowered to be out there. 
Dhireesha Kudithipudi, Assistant Professor 
Computer Engineering, Rochester Institute of Technology, 2007

The workshop helped me to look at my career situation from a different perspective and develop some strategies for change. It was also helpful to practice useful workplace behaviors.
Kristen Sanford Bernhardt, Assistant Professor
Civil & Environmental Engineering, Lafayette College, 2007

This was an exceptional workshop. I learned some great approaches for advancing my career. 
Elizabeth Loboa Assistant Professor, Joint Department of Biomedical Engineering 
UNC-Chapel Hill & North Carolina State University, 2007

The workshop was perfect for me: it allowed me to focus on my career priorities, it forced me to spell out my professional dreams, it helped me understand my objectives.
Nathalia Peixoto, Assistant Professor
Electrical & Computer Engineering, George Mason University, 2007

Outstanding! Thank you! 
Amy Throckmorton, Assistant Professor 
Mechanical Engineering, Virginia Commonwealth University, 2007

It gave me a new way of looking at my career. The inspirational comments were fun. Tailoring the critical issues to the attendees was an unexpected benefit. The specific salary negotiation discussion was very useful.
Anonymous participant, Women in Science and Engineering
University of Michigan, 2006

Fantastic help! I highly recommend this workshop to all women faculty. 
Beverly Strassman, Associate Professor, Anthropology 
University of Michigan, 2006

The individual interview helped me sort through the real an imaginary issues to find the areas that are really important versus those not worth time or effort.The workshop helped us realize there are others in our environment that we can rely on for help and advice.
Anonymous participant, Women in Science & Engineering
University of Michigan, 2006

The analysis of my vita was very informative. The reflection on where I wish to take my career was very useful and empowering. 
Karen Butler-Purry, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Assistant Dean 
Department of Electrical Engineering, Texas A & M University, 2003

I was so glad that someone is working in this area particularly regarding salary negotiations.
Fran Gelwick, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Dept. of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences
Texas A & M University, 2003

This workshop was well worth my time. Great Job! 
Chanda D. Elbert, Ph.D., Assistant Professor Dept. of Agricultural Education, 
Texas A & M University, 2003

The workshop was both inspirational and of great practical use. I received practical advice on improving my c.v. and addressing institutional policies such as equity of space allocation. I gained inspiration and confidence about attaining research goals and promoting my research connections.
Judy Stone, Ph.D., Clare Boothe Luce Assistant Professor, Biology
Colby College, Maine, 2002

Dr. Rose came prepared to help us with our issues in a knowledgeable way. She was positive yet realistic and made me realize that I do not have to sit back and passively accept what meager rewards I am offered. 
Julie Millard, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Chemistry 
Colby College, Maine, 2002

It was a liberating and empowering experience to find out that I already had all the answers. I’m looking forward to testing the rules; I’ll never take the rules for granted again. We need to accept our own creativity and focus on getting what we want. It is that easy!
Lindsay Clowes, Ph.D., Acting Director, Women and Gender Studies
University of the Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa, 2002

The individual consult helped me to focus on and crystallize my career goals (and the fact that I have any); the workshop helped me to realize that I am entitled to the best, and that this is also good for other women in academe. 
Trish van der Spuy, Lecturer, Women’s and Gender Studies 
University of the Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa, 2002

You have the ability to show me how to make use of our skills, knowledge, and ability to change one’s situation. This has been a great opportunity to ____. Thank you so much.
Denise Jones, Senior Lecturer, Education
University of the Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa, 2002

This workshop assisted in re-thinking own position as well as women’s worth in the academy. The session was an “eye-opener” on what we are able to negotiate within the structures and policies as only a framework for negotiation not that these structures are “cast in stone” but flexibility exists. 
Anita Maurtin-Cairncross, Senior Lecturer, Psychology 
University of the Western Cape, Cape Town, South Africa, 2002

Thank you so much for coming to Mississippi State and providing your workshop for the women faculty within the College of Engineering. I’ve heard great things from all the women who participated. Your frank, open, one-on-one discussions were a needed morale and professional development boost that many of us needed. Your insights into our informal infrastructure and areas for improvement were also very helpful. We really appreciate your willingness to give a frank evaluation of where we are and where we could be. Keep fighting the good fight for women faculty everywhere.
Noel Schulz, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Electrical Engineering
Mississippi State University, 2002

Dr. Rose’s presentation on the art of negotiating was extremely helpful. I’ll be sure to use her practical tips and suggestions during my next opportunity for negotiations. 
Lori Mann Bruce, Ph.D.,Assistant Professor, Electrical & Chemical Engineering. 
Mississippi State University, 2002

Very helpful, especially for new assistant professors like me. I got a lot of information. It’s a great session.
Rose Hu, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Electrical & Chemical Engineering
Mississippi State University, 2002

I was particularly happy with the atmosphere of the workshop set by Dr. Rose. It promoted good group discussions and everyone had the attitude that they were there to learn and improve, not complain. 
Susan Hudson, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering 
Mississippi State University, 2002

One faculty participant told me, ‘My hour with Suzanna Rose was the most important hour of my professional life – and the most lucrative.’
Kathy McMahon Klosterman, Ph.D., Affirmative Action Director
Miami University-Ohio, 1999

Thank you again for your wonderful workshop….Your presentation gave credibility and validity to many of the feeling I have had for the past several years. I feel encouraged and revitalized as a result of it and I am implementing some of your excellent suggestions immediately!! 
Phyllis Callahan, Ph.D., Professor of Zoology 
Miami University-Ohio, 1999

This workshop was a wonderful clarification and synthesis of what had previously been vague notions about best practice for career development. Dr. Rose reminded me that balance and professional success can coexist! I found her information on goal setting and her suggestions for improving my vita particularly useful.
Victoria Manion Fleming, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Educational Psychology
Miami University-Ohio. 1999

Suzanna Rose led two outstanding workshops and on site consultation visits for our NSF-funded, 5-year Women in Science and Engineering Program. She was informative and thought-provoking. Her visits left us with new knowledge of the “system”, of ourselves, and of how to enjoy and promote our careers. Through a heightened combination of external AND internal awareness, we can make progress where once we were simply confused, discouraged and exhausted. 
Dorothy Hudig, Ph.D., Professor of Cellular and Molecular Immunology 
School of Medicine, University of Nevada-Reno 
University of Nevada Outstanding Researcher 1998

Suzanna Rose’s workshops and one-on-one sessions on “Career Development” helped me greatly in putting things in my hectic life involving work and family in the right perspective. They helped me arrange my priorities with respect to what I should be doing in order to get promoted to full professor. I believe she understands thoroughly what problems are encountered by a lot of women in academia and is able to get them thinking about avenues that will enable them to succeed.
Indira Chatterjee, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering
University of Nevada, Reno. 1998

Suzanna Rose’s Career Guide for Women Scholars provided a blueprint for my first job search and successful salary negotiation. Ever since, I have relied on her for developing professional advancement strategies. In addition, I always recommend her work to my female graduate students who are launching their own careers. 
Carol J. Pierman, Ph.D., Chair, Department of Women’s Studies 
The University of Alabama, 2000

Other Comments from Participating Faculty:

  • Relaxed, clear, organized presentation.
  • Encouragement to develop individual plans.
  • Helped reinforce the importance of research to career development.
  • The program provided a chance to get personalized advice on my career situation, including advice on my C.V. and on strategies to deal with these issues.
  • Good overall coverage of issues facing women in career development peppered with relevant examples.
  • Gave concrete advice/suggestions. She’s great!
  • Dr. Rose was especially good at linking work issues with larger life issues.
  • Interacted exceptionally well with the group; helped the group to gel quickly.
  • I liked the tone she set, and the openness. She helped to ensure that everyone participated.
  • Her personal style was warm and inviting.
  • Helped me to realize my limitations – 24 hours in a day!