Parents as Teachers (PAT4YOU)

The FIU Parents as Teachers (PAT4YOU), funded since 2006 by The Children’s Trust, is a home visitation program serving families with children from birth to age three. Parents As Teachers National Center parenting programs form the basis of the PAT4YOU program. PAT4YOU provides learning experiences that fit the individual needs of each family and child. The program supports a parent’s role in promoting school readiness and healthy development of children. Home visits are biweekly; group meetings are held monthly. PAT4YOU also provides developmental screenings and resource networks. More than 95% of participants have completed the full three year program.

Faculty and Staff

Dr. Suzanna Rose – Principal Investigator Dr. Rose has worked with the PAT4YOU experts at FIU funded by The Children’s Trust since April 2006. She is a Developmental Psychologist with experience in early childhood development. You can contact Dr. Rose at


Ms. Debbie Rudnicki, M.A. – PAT Project Director Ms. Rudnicki has over thirty years of experience in early childhood education and is certified by the Parents-as-Teachers National Center. She provides home visitations and group meetings for participating families, ensures delivery of services, provides direct supervision of the PAT model, and collaborates with local agencies and national programs. You can contact Ms. Rudnicki at


Ms. Yina Herrera – PAT Specialist Ms. Herrera has a B.S. in Occupational Therapy from Del Rosario University Bogota-Colombia and a M.S. in Early  Intervention from Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale.  Ms. Herrera has over  twenty years of experience in early childhood and the last  fourteen years as a PATNC certified early childhood educator. She implements the Foundational Curriculum as mandated by PATNC, provides home visitation and developmental screenings. You can contact Ms. Herrera at


Ms. Halida Florez – PAT Specialist Ms. Florez is a PATNC early childhood education specialist. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Occupational Therapy from Del Rosario University, Colombia and a M.S. in Early Intervention from Nova Southeastern University, Florida. Ms. Florez implements the Foundational Curriculum as mandated by PATNC providing home visitation and developmental screenings.  You can contact Ms. Florez at





















From left: Sabina Garcia & Annette Gonzalez (TripleP), Debra Rudnicki (Director, TripleP and PAT4YOU), Suzanna Rose (PI), and Yina Herrera & Halida Florez (PAT4YOU)

“I wanted to thank you for your role in Mathew’s academic success. Your wonderful advice, patience and eagerness to participate in being a part of Mathew’s achievement’s show how helpful you have truly been. Mathew received a 95 on his reading test, and in math and Spanish he is at the top of his class. His performance is incredible. Thank you so much for all your help and support.”