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The FIU Group Lifestyle Triple P program funded by The Children’s Trust since 2011, is an adaption of the Triple P System (Positive Parenting Program). This system utilizes a multilevel parenting intervention to increase the knowledge, skills, and confidence of parents in order to reduce the prevalence of emotional and behavioral problems in children with a focus on obesity prevention. The aim of Group Lifestyle Triple P is to assist parents to develop effective strategies for managing their child’s weight while introducing gradual permanent changes in the family’s lifestyle.The principles of positive parenting include:

  • A safe and engaging environment
  • Positive learning environment
  • Assertive discipline
  • Realistic expectation
  • Parental self-care

FIU Triple P staff guide parents in the use of these behaviors to provide a safe and supervised environment that provides opportunities for the child to explore, play, and learn, as well as how to respond to children in a positive and constructive manner. They also help parents to set realistic goals for the child’s age and level of development in regards to obesity prevention. Teaching parents practical skills serves to promote their well-being and self-care.

Participation in the FIU Triple P program is limited to pre-established sites approved by The Children’s Trust.


The program was created by Matthew R. Sanders and colleagues at the University of Queensland in Australia. Over the past 30 years, there is substantial empirical evidence that the program is effective at improving child behavior, parenting practices, parental competence, family functioning, and parental adjustment in a wide range of cultures and countries. For more information about Triple P, go to:

Faculty and Staff

Dr. Suzanna Rose – Principal Investigator
Dr. Rose and her team established the Triple P Program in 2011. The program is funded by The Children’s Trust until 2014. Rose is a Developmental Psychologist with experience in early childhood development. Learn more about Dr. Rose at: You can contact Dr. Rose at


Ms. Debbie Rudnicki, M.A. – Triple P Project Director
Ms. Rudnicki has over thirty years of experience in early childhood education and is certified by the Parents-as-Teachers National Center. She provides home visitations and group meetings for participating families, ensures delivery of services, provides direct supervision of the PAT model, and collaborates with local agencies and national programs. You can contact Ms. Rudnicki at:

Valerie Q

Ms. Valerie Quinlan – Triple P Specialist
Ms. Valerie Quinlan is a Triple P certified early childhood education specialist. She has a B.A. degree in Psychology from Universidad Del Mar, Chile, and a M.S. in Exceptional Student Education from Carlos Albizu University, Miami. Ms. Quinlan implements the Triple P program that enhances parent skills appropriate for the developmental level of their children. You can contact Ms. Quinlan at