Action Plan to Boost Energy During Pandemic

Michael Dziedzic on Unsplash

Coping with the Pandemic

The pandemic has brought questions to all areas of life. Ways of relaxation are no exception either. This topic might seem redundant at first glance among so many other significant issues. When going deeper though, we see that free-time activities are one of the most important in times of trouble. At such difficult times, we must recharge and use our time off to reload with positive energy. The boost of mood helps us make better decisions, go on when things get tough, and well-spent time also strengthens our immune system.

With recent restrictions due to lockdowns and other limitations, our options are often very limited. At times when we need to rely on one another the most, social distancing rules set limits for our deepest instincts and needs. Many of us need support more than ever as a result of the pandemic. When suffering from grief over the loss of a job, career, opportunities, or at worst, even the loss of loved ones.

We substitute or alter our traditionally well-thought-out ways to gain energy and name new starts. Some of these spots are often ingrained in us by society with holidays, seasonal events, celebrations, or memorial days. Some people may feel helpless and lost, with the missing dates and schedules to hold onto. We must fill these gaps with new solutions. Those who suffer from anxiety, depression, or other difficult mental health conditions must pay extra attention to their reactions, make conscientious decisions, and, when necessary, seek professional help.

Instead of turning to unhealthy habits, or simply giving up, we should take our life by the wheel move forward responsibly. Such behavior needs planning and action, as motivation is rarely the first experience. It is more often the other way around, yet eventually it can become a cycle: we must start to act, and trust that the acting will brings success and motivation. 


First, you must look at where you are now, without rushing ahead to where you want to be. Name the difficulties, accept the grief, struggles, and anxieties you are suffering from. Call yourself out on destructive behavior, harmful or useless coping mechanisms. When you have a list of these things, written or even in your head, you will be able to see where you stand. Now you have a starting point and know the worst of your difficulties.

Set your Goals

You know yourself and your desires best. Name your goals, collect your hopes and dreams. The next important step is to figure out what is going to happen in between. 

Have you always wanted to learn a language or play an instrument?

Have you want to improve your professional skills or tryout a new career field?

Have you wanted to hike an entire trail or start yoga?

Change of life, along with its difficulties, always provides a great spot for a new start. The elements of this new life can take place when you have some time away from your normal duties. You must learn to juggle between responsibilities and free-time activities.

Act on it – Programs

Outdoor programs

Plan your next adventure in nature. Though you may not be able to travel very far from home, this could be the best time to appreciate your local heritage. Admire the forests and trails of your land while exposing yourself to physical exercise. Set a goal to hike a local trail to motivate yourself of creating a habit while experiencing success. Time outdoors has a great effect on your mental and your physical health.

If you are not a hiker, choose biking, running, or less intense sports like golf, fishing, or even just walking. Picnicking with your family or close friends is a great all-in-one solution that finally fills your need for socializing, appetite for great homemade food, and thirst for spending time in nature. 

Special seasonal activities should also make this list. Sledding, snowboarding, or ice skating are appealing at the coldest times of the year, accompanied by some hot beverages to set the festive mood.


Prepare for holidays, celebrations, birthdays, and anniversaries more precisely than ever. In the rush of duties and plans, we tend to forget how to enjoy events and be present. This past year has shown us the real importance of life. Being with loved ones, spending quality time, and sharing joy are on the top of the list. Live these important moments with full capacity as these are the times worth living for. Make the birthday cake you’ve always wanted to make, invite your family for a picnic, or surprise your friend with a thoughtful gift. 

Health goals

Conscientious change in life often includes a change in health. If a healthier lifestyle is one of your goals, reach out to a nutritionist or look for meal plans online to find the best diet for your needs. Find an online tutor or YouTube channel to help you with exercise. Follow through with your plan but make sure you set goals that are realistic and not too tough to do all at once.

Don’t miss mental health questions either, as these all go hand in hand. Find your therapist for regular conversation while getting some daily support from meditation apps like Calm, Youper, or Headspace. Level up your self-care routines with added bath times instead of a simple shower, with essential oils instead of body lotion. Create a ritual of each daily habit and experience the moment instead of just simply ticking them off your list.

Meal Experiences

Being stuck at home offers a great opportunity for new food experiments. If you love cooking, try new recipes and taste other cuisines far from your heritage. Looking forward to meals provides an opportunity to add a pop of color to the day. 

If you prefer baking, make your favorite cake or the exact opposite, something new that you’ve never prepared before. When it comes to drinking, order wine or beer selections to imitate a tasting event or create your own cocktails at home with prepackaged ingredients. If you don’t have time or are not so interested in preparing, opt for delivery for at-home dates or invite your friends over through video calls. 

Arts and crafts

Another great way to enjoy time at home is picking up on new hobbies or dusting off the dormant ones. Whether you live alone, with friends or family, you can find the arts and crafts best suited for all ages. 

Try online painting lessons, or draw the view from your window. Create festive decoration with your children or complete your childhood vision and pick up with the arts where you left off. Self-expression is very important at times when we don’t have the regular routines of showing who we are. If you are lucky enough to work from home, appreciate the time saved from the daily commute and invest it in activities that will pay off.


Museums, concert halls, theatres, opera houses, libraries, and cinemas are among the ones hardest hit. While we miss them, some of them also struggle financially. Support them by tuning in to online tours to view a guided exhibition or listen to performances live from the comfort of your home. Take this time out for yourself or organize a date night. Dress up, order-in, and enjoy the comfort of this new experience while supporting institutions and artists in need.

Studying, New Skill Sets

Broaden the horizon of possibilities by learning new skills. Whether you are forced to do so because the pandemic destabilized your position or you simply have more time to improve yourself, studying will always be to your benefit. Look for online courses at Skillshare, Coursera, or even YouTube, just to mention a few. Hire a tutor for online lessons if the field requires one on one support. Do this for yourself as a source of energy, hope, and optimism.

Whatever you choose and however you combine the options that the restrictions have left open. Always see the possibilities at troubled times and don’t forget the importance of well-spent free time. Use it to recharge because these times definitely require you to be at your best.