Beating Fatigue in College

During college, even the best of us come up against boredom and fatigue. Fatigue can occur in the classroom listening to that infamous monotone professor who lectures at length about things you’re never going to think about again after you graduate.

However, it’s important to push past those educational plateaus in order to remain productive and ensure that you graduate at the top of your class.

When it comes down to it, many occupations might be just as tedious as college coursework, so consider your initial efforts at beating fatigue practice for the main event. Below, we go over a few effective strategies to beat fatigue when it counts.

Eat For Fuel

Instead of eating at the dining commons for every meal, step outside the box a little bit. Make a hobby out of cooking with fresh, simple ingredients that don’t break the bank. Eat plenty of vegetables and clean sources of protein. Healthy fats (like avocados) are also good brain fuel, not to mention walnuts, almonds, and cashews.

Eating junk food is a surefire way to keep your body underfueled, not to mention bogged down with processing junk food. Clean, whole foods are nutritionally sound and more easily digested, which will free your body and mind up to focus on your studies.

Create a Healthy Study Routine

Make sure that you create the time and space that will ensure you can successfully complete your studies. It’s important to have a primary location where you work, whether it’s at the library or at home. When you’re feeling jammed up, take your laptop and go work at a cafe for a few hours in order to shake off the cobwebs.

Make Exercise a Priority

Exercising might seem like it’s just an energy drain, but being in shape and working out consistently will actually help energize you on a daily basis. Starting your mornings off with a rigorous workout is one of the ingredients for success that the world’s most successful people begin in college.

Revamp Your Work Space

Switching your work space up can often inspire new creativity and energy, especially in those moments where you’re feeling like you’re running on empty. Make sure that you don’t make the decision to rearrange and modify your work space during finals week — you don’t have time!

You might need a little extra capital in order to make some key purchases that will freshen up that all-important spot where you get most of your studying and course work done. Luckily, student loans can help in that department, but you can also explore car title loans if you own your vehicle and would like to stay away from racking up student loan debt.

While it’s going to be an uphill battle fighting mental fatigue during a time in your life when you’re pushing yourself to your intellectual limits, there are many tools and habits that will help you stay productive, positive, and inspired. Incorporating a few healthy habits and cutting out a few less than healthy habits will greatly reduce your chances of running out of intellectual fuel in college.