Why Counselling Might Be a Great Career Choice?

Counselling is a noble profession appropriate for individuals willing to take care of the mental wellness of people and make a positive influence in their lives. You feel satisfied as a caring counsellor when you see your clients are being able to deal with difficulties in their lives.

You do not need to go to a college or university to become a counsellor in Australia. You can follow that track but it would be a whole lot expensive and you’d need at least two to three to graduate. You can go for courses that recognise your prior experience and knowledge (Recognition of Prior Learning– RPL) to certify you for counselling.

Counselling is in high demand in Australia and offers opportunities for flexible and well-compensating jobs. A career in counselling is a great choice as it gives you the financial stability and job satisfaction that you need. 

Let’s find out what exactly counsellors do, what are the benefits of a counselling career, and how to become a counsellor through vocational courses with RPL.

What Is a Counsellor’s Job?

Counselling is simply about helping with others’ personal problems through conversations. A counsellor attempt to explore the client’s problems and provide solutions.

Counselling may involve one-on-one conversations with clients regarding the challenges they are encountering and facilitating arbitration for groups that may include couples or family therapy, or support groups.

Counsellors inspire clients to develop and use their abilities and intuitions to confront problems such as divorce, relationship issues, career problems, low self-esteem, bullying, etc.

As a counsellor, you must be empathetic and compassionate towards your clients. Understand their perspective and let them share their thought without hesitation or fear. You must not be judgemental.

Additionally, a good counsellor must have the following skills:

  • Great interpersonal and people skills
  • Tolerance, patience, and persistence
  • Competence

Why Counselling Is a Good Career Option?

As per the data published by Job Outlook, counsellors who work full-time earn $1584 weekly on average, this is above the average national income.  The earnings keep increasing with time as a counselling professional gain more work experience and professional development through Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses.

The prospect of growth in the job market of this sector is very high. The Australian government continually increases funding for supporting the well-being of people’s mental health. With this, the demand for counselling services across Australia keeps rising every year and more job opportunities in various sectors come up.

Counselling is a profession that is sought by many industries in Australia. There are many places where counselling can be practised. There are employment opportunities in a wide range of organisations, such as education providers, workplaces, health centres, aged care centres, etc. Counselling can also be practised in a private setting. You can offer counselling services from your chamber.

Counselling is a great career option for those who want a good work-life balance. This profession gives immense flexibility as counsellors provide time-limited services in sessions and choose their hours. 

The scope, financial security, and flexibility make counselling a great career choice in Australia.

Becoming a Registered Counsellor through RPL

To become a professional counsellor, getting a nationally recognised qualification is vital. Having a certificate helps demonstrate to potential clients and recruiters that you are competent, and you know how to do the job ethically and right.

Doing Vocational Education and Training (VET) Courses from a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) is the best way to get qualified for counselling.

You need a Diploma of Counselling from an RTO if you want to get professionally accredited, or if you want to do counselling independently in a private business setting. This course is a requirement for many counselling jobs.

Being a busy counselling professional, you will not have the time to attend classes. This problem is sorted by Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL). RPL allows you to utilise your counselling skills and experiences to be recognised for the certificate, as a substitute for classes and assessments.

Find an RTO that offers a Diploma of Counselling and give them your identification details, resume, and all the evidence you can find that will prove your past counselling experiences. The RTO will evaluate and decide if you are eligible to get the qualification through RPL, without attending classes.

If you are already working as a counsellor, make the best use of RPL to get certified in your profession. If you want to get qualified fast then contact an RPL Agent. The RPL agent takes cares of everything till you get qualified for the course. One of the best RPL Agent in Australia is Educube. Hand over your files to them sit back, relax and grab a cup of coffee while you’re at it. They will get you qualified in a matter of weeks. An RPL certification will ensure that you have better chances of finding a job while competing with other candidates with no certificates. It also enhances your credibility in front of a client. Furthermore, it will help in your long -term career growth.