The rise of Lab-grown diamonds and the downfall of mined diamonds

Are you still trying to manage your budget to buy engagement rings? Have you suffered from the high prices of jewelry? Well, you could relate to that.

As time passes, the demand for lab-grown diamonds nz increases due to high quality with custom designs at relatively lower prices. Therefore, the downfall of mined diamonds has just started.

At your engagement ceremony, you want something special to surprise your fiancé. Of course, the engagement rings hold so much meaning to both of you. What if you get different styles and quality work at a comparatively lower price? Yeah, we’re talking about the engagement ring.

Diamonds have always been the first choice for engagement. Although there are controversies in choosing between lab-grown diamonds and mined diamonds. 

Considering the variety and price factor, there are multiple reasons due to which the rise of lab-grown diamonds has started.

Without further ado, let’s dig deeper into the reasons that have made lab-grown diamonds super-effective.

·       Price of lab-grown diamonds and mined diamonds

Price is the important aspect you must be concerned about. When you get the versatility at relatively lower prices, why won’t you go for the alternative that costs you higher?

Lab-grown diamonds provide the more important quality at the same price you’re paying for mined diamonds. On average, lab-grown diamonds are 30-40% cheaper than the mined diamond. Sounds interesting? Yes, it is.

Price makes the lab-grown diamonds highly desirable for engagement rings. When you’re sure about the 4C’s of diamond (clarity, carat, cut, and color) from the seller, it’d be the best choice.

You can get more value at less price as compared to mined diamonds. Mined diamonds prices include transportation and other expenses. While lab-grown diamonds are manufactured in a controlled environment with top-notch quality. It’s highly recommended to choose lab-grown diamond engagement rings within your fixed budget. 

·       The beauty of lab-grown diamonds and mined diamonds

Have you ever purchased a lab-grown diamond ring? If yes, indeed, you know about the look of the lab-grown diamonds. These are manufactured manually in the labs. The quality is ensured during the making process.

Everyone is likely to buy a diamond ring due to its beauty. In the past, mined diamonds engagement rings are used. But, now lab-grown diamonds are the practical alternative with the same glamour of lab-grown diamonds.

You can get the engagement ring you have always longed for only by replacing the mined diamonds with the lab-grown diamonds. Mined diamonds are extracted from the soil, so it takes money to purify that diamond for engagement rings.

·       Uniqueness and designs of lab-grown diamonds

Uniqueness is one of the most convincing reasons that replace the mined diamonds with lab-grown diamonds. When it comes to contemporary styles, lab-grown diamonds are available in multiple shapes and designs that enhance the shine and glamor.

You won’t turn to mined diamonds when you have a wide range of stylish lab-grown diamonds nz. Man-made diamonds nz are becoming very popular around the world. So, lab-grown diamonds catch the eyeballs and stand out in the market.

Staying within your budget, you can get the custom design of your engagement ring. Therefore, it’s considered that the rise of lab-grown diamonds has started with the downfall of mined diamonds.

·       Sustainability of lab-grown diamonds and mined diamonds

It’s not wrong to say, the sustainability of lab-grown diamonds has up-leveled them. These are purely made in the lab environment where renewable and green energy sources are used to form a diamond. These stunning gemstones not only an alternative to mined diamonds, but you also be assured of the quality by the recognized seller.

During the mining process, there is pollution all around. 250 tons of soil is removed for each carat of diamond. It takes the water usage in high quantity, i.e., 500 liters.  Apart from that, transportation of the items and vehicles handling makes the air polluted.

So, lab-grown diamonds are sustainable and environmentally friendly.

·       Conflicts in lab-grown and mined diamonds

Ethically speaking, mined diamonds come up with controversies and conflicts due to child labor and other accidents during mining. There are also health risks and human exploitations. That is why mined diamonds are losing their credibility over time.

While the lab-grown diamonds are free from disputes, they are manufactured in a controlled environment where there are no chances of pollution. They will completely replace the traditional diamonds.

Mined diamonds are often called “Blood Diamonds” due to the bloodshed between the African countries. Lab-grown diamonds have raised their recognition and have proved “the best” alternative to mined diamonds to counter the controversies and conflicts.

To wrap up

Lab-grown diamonds are the future, and it’s time to turn to them. Because of many reasons, their rise has been started as they are ethically sourced and environmentally friendly. They provide custom designs of engagement rings at lower prices.

The usage of mined diamonds is decreasing because of higher prices and human exploitation. There are several health risks during the mining process. Also, the air is polluted due to mining industries. Therefore, the downfall of conventional diamonds is on the way.