How to Make Your Presentations More Engaging

Frequently, a corporate presentation is the only chance that you will have to make a big pitch or secure a deal with potential clients. With so much riding on these kinds of presentations, you’ll want to make sure that each PowerPoint slide makes the maximum impact. When putting together a presentation design, each slide must strike the right balance between information and engagement to be an effective presentation. No matter how your presentation will be given, it must tell a compelling narrative to sell your audience.

The best way to create a powerful presentation design is to create each slide with your audience in mind. You’ll want to consider who is watching the presentation, what your audience is looking for, and what will make the most compelling argument. Sitting in a boring presentation where each slide is a list of facts and figures is sure to induce glazed-over eyes and bored audience members.

To keep your audience engaged you’ll need elements such as visuals, infographics, and interesting layouts. If you need help adding some punch, professional presentation designers have years of expertise and can help you deliver an impactful presentation. Let’s take a look at some ways to make your presentations more engaging.

Stay On Brand


One thing that professional designers are really good at is creating consistent presentations. Since you are trying to sell a product, make a deal or secure a gig, you’ll want to make sure that your presentation looks more professional and less like a coloring book. This means that your PowerPoint presentation should use consistent elements such as fonts, letter sizing, and logos across all slides.

Templates will help to ensure that each slide stays consistent and that you are using impactful graphic design elements. The important thing is to maintain your brand identity and style throughout the presentation. If you use a presentation design service, they will work from a style guide to ensure that your brand identity stays intact.

Keep It Simple


A mistake that people often make when creating a PowerPoint design is putting too much information on their slides. Doing this is a sure way to create “death by PowerPoint” with your audience. Text-heavy slides can overwhelm your audience and drag down your presentation. Each slide should include the minimum amount of information needed to convey your point and move the story along. Additionally, slides don’t need to have flashy colors and over-the-top designs.

Too much text and obnoxious designs can deter your audience and turn them off from the point that you are trying to make. Instead, stick to a simple color pallet and clean designs on each slide to create a professional presentation that is easy to read. A good presentation design utilizes clear layouts with tasteful illustrations and meaningful animations to present a compelling narrative.

Create Visual Stories


Visuals can be an invaluable part of your presentation when you are trying to convey a powerful story. This will be especially true if you are including complex data as a part of the presentation. Data visualizations can present a clear picture of trends and insights and allow data to tell its own story. Studies show that visual messages and infographics significantly improve memory and learning. Graphs, charts, and other visual aids turn complex information into readable elements that allow people to understand and interpret data quickly.

When giving a presentation it’s also important to remember that your audience doesn’t want you to speak at them. Good presentation skills will also be crucial to your success. Your presentation is the vehicle for your information, but you are the messenger. Working in tandem with your Powerpoint or Prezi, you can deliver persuasive presentations. Simple designs, consistent messaging, and visually appealing elements will help you create the most impactful presentation possible.