Top 5 firefighter interview questions and answers


Have you ever been to a job interview before? I’m guessing that the answer to that question is a yes. So before the interview maybe you had a little google around to look for the best questions and the best answers to give the person who will be interviewing you. You check online and you just get the old fashioned generic rubbish that they teach you in school.

When going to an interview you want to separate yourself from the rest of the candidates. And you as the interviewee the potential candidate for the job will have to make yourself stand out in some kind of way, you won’t get anywhere by asking the same regurgitated questions like e.g –

  • What was your job prior to this job? – this question is unnecessary and jumps around real questions that get you somewhere. Yes using this question will make you sound interested in the interviewer which may make them like you! But are you at the interview to make friends or get a job?
  • How long have you been with ___? – Again, just a massive waste of time. There is no need to be beating around the bush!
  • Why did you come to work for___? – I don’t even need to explain anymore, I reckon that you’ve got the point. And if you haven’t yet, the point is. Cut the bs, get down to the real questions that actually matter.

But the issue is that firefighting interviews are slightly different. In the interviews, you will not be doing a lot of the asking. Let me just tell you now, you’re gonna be asked a whole lot of different and difficult questions.

Well, today is your lucky day. As you can see in the title of this article I have written, it’s specifically for firefighting interview questions and answers. This article will help your interview not turn into a house fire, sorry i couldn’t resist.

I’m writing this and you’re reading this so your firefighter application goes smooth, and just like i was saying before you can separate yourself from the rest. Noone wants to be another brick in the wall now, do we? So let’s get into it. Here are the top 5 firefighter interview questions and answers. Stay tuned

Are you a team player?

Panic mode activated, no you’re not really much of a team player. You’re more of a lone wolf, at least you like to think so anyways. All jokes aside, what if you’re not a full team player, you can’t just say no can you? That’s correct, you can’t be 100% honest. But I will be 100% honest with you now. Let’s say for example you got the job and you’ve been working there for 1 month already. You guys get your first call out and it’s yours and your crew’s first big job. What do you do, let the house just burn down? Of course not, just because you’re not a real full on team player it doesn’t mean you just let it burn down.

So the best answer for this question would be not to flat out lie to the person in front of you. I would suggest saying something along the lines of. No (interviewer name) i’m not the biggest team player, in my life i love to keep things simple and get stuff done on my own. But… When something needs to be done with more than just me, can I easily pull through! (give examples of past experiences where you did so)

How is your physical condition? OR Do you play sports?

So this may be obvious to the interviewer, but not always. There’s always that kid who eats what he wants and plays video games but still looks in decent physical shape. But if ‘this kid’ went on a brisk 10k, how do you think he’d hold up? Not good at all.

Being in good physical condition is super important, so if you’re not (not yet) in good physical condition. Consider doing so before applying to avoid any unwanted disappointment, it’s an obvious requirement. This job is a physically tiring and physically demanding job, you don’t need to look like a bodybuilder nor do you need to look like a ultra marathon runner. Getting to the gym a few times per week for some basic compound movements will do the trick. Then combine that with a bit of running, cycling or swimming and you’ll be in great condition in no time. So don’t stress

Have you ever given first aid to someone? If so tell me about it

Time to get the story book out, no i’m kidding. This question you can’t tell a white lie, you’ve got to give them the full truth. If not you may just go and land yourself in some big trouble, and no one wants that.

Be truthful in your story, and humble. Noone likes a cocky big ego, people like humble and down to earth people so try your best to be that even if it’s not you.

Describe a previous conflict you’ve had with a colleague

This is an excellent question, here in this question is a lot of information. Well not in the actual question but more so in the answer that you give. Here they will find out if you’re a moaner. Here they will find any red flags that mark you as one of them people who are hard to be around, nobody wants one of them on a well motivated, non winging crew. You’ve got to be mature and willing to compromise with other people’s opinions, if you can’t do this. I don’t see you making it too far up in this world let alone this job

How fast can you run 100 meters

Not much to say here other than, be honest and modest. They may test you on this, you’re better off saying a higher number and beating it. As opposed to saying a low number and missing it. Remember, be honest and modest. They rhyme so it’s easy for you to remember. And my fellow future firefighters that’s all from me, good luck