Lab Grown Diamond or Real Diamond? – Take a Decision

It seems commonly some of my friends get confused about buying diamond rings during their wedding. Even the same thing happened to me. There are 2 reasons behind these things. One is there is a huge variation in color and crystallite in a diamond. Another reason is that it has 2 types (lab made and mined) of diamond in the market. If you keep time before shopping and go with your partner, you can overcome the first barrier. But it would help if you are concerned about lab grown and real diamonds to overcome second confusion no matter whether you are looking for lab grown diamonds UK or anywhere. 

Origin and early history

Mined diamond: Many animals and trees got stuck under stones or soil because of natural disasters like eruption, earthenware or others. After a million years, they changed a lot because of different chemical reactions and transformedinto diamonds. Depends on the carbon composition, they got different shapes and colors. After millions of years, people are now mining those from nature. It’s a long process where people are searching and then mining diamonds. Often it needs to face risky geographical conditions, and it is always costly to mine from nature.

Lab grown diamond: Compare to everything, lab grown diamond is new in civilization. Back to 40 years, it has comes to market. In the laboratory, it hasa process in high pressure and inside electric reactors. Other types of lab grown diamonds have been made in chemical vaporing systems. Both types of synthetic diamonds are good. They have different glamour and different attraction. Because of different cubic shapes, graining patterns and color zoning, those have a huge variation. But in the practical sense, both of them have a similar carbon composition.

A quick differentiate tour

In the past, it was pretty hard to find a large diamond. Because what will be the shape and size (carat) of the diamond depends on nature. But now, all those things can control. Chemical vaporing or electric reaction is the technique to produce a diamond in the laboratory. Before starting the process, by setting up the environment, it is possible to ensure which type of diamond will get.

Price comparison: In lab grown diamonds vs real pricing is a huge issue.In price comparison, lab grown diamond got the obvious place. Cause this is 40% to 60% cheaper than a real diamond.

Impact on nature: On the previous, mining diamonds had a huge impact on nature. But all the mining and tree cutting is getting off now when the lab grown diamond comes intothe market.

Other essential Stead: Another stead like computer or medicine production or research purpose using lab grown diamond is more convenient than a real diamond.

Similarities of them

·        Both lab made and real diamonds have similar carbon compositions. Both of them exist in the Dana classification. None of them have any chemical difference.

·        On average, both types of diamonds have a 2.417 to 2.419 reflective index. It mentions both of them have similar purity and crystallite in physical construction.

·        Another biggest index is hardness which is also similar. On the Mohs scale, both of them have 10 scores. That mention both of them are more durable than any other stones.

Making a decision

No matter you have your engagement, wedding or anniversary next! Any of those events are expensive to hold. This is the time to make the proper decision on which and where you should buy diamonds. It is a good idea to save some money by buying mined diamonds and getting lab grown items. Moreover, you will have more options and variations in lab grown diamonds, another plus point. Don’t be devised to choosing the place to buy. The is waiting for you. Forthe last many years, they serve a lot of people with diamond ornaments proudly. They are helpful blogs and informative stuff that will help you before picking anything.

To be a perfect gem, all the stones should be fit from hardness, purity, reflective index and many more parameter. Meanwhile,Diamond has passed all those qualities. Therefore it becomes the most desirable gem without any doubt. In the wedding, anniversary or any celebration it has no alternative. Whereas its price comes too affordable, it’s time to take a bite from happiness. All different agencies like HPHT or CVD are providing the certifications of the diamond. Therefore it becomes much easy to define which one is more perfect for you. So there are no more curb to present diamond items to your loving persons. May God keep all of you happy.