Final Year of College Bucket List


College is a time of your life like no other, and something you will look back on for years to come. Don’t let your senior year of college pass you by – here’s a bucket list for those who want soak up the best of it all.

When you headed off to college for the first time, you were probably full of trepidation. Everything was unknown – what your course would be like, which group of friends you would fall in with, if you would even like the whole experience. By your final year, all this has changed. You probably wouldn’t even recognize your old self. And instead of worrying about going to college, you’re probably now worrying about leaving it all behind!

Instead of giving into the inevitability of your time at college simply slipping by, embrace your last few months of college life with this bucket list of things other college seniors wished they had done in their last year.

Take Photos Of The Everyday Stuff

You probably have thousands of photos of you having fun with your friends at college, but do you have any of your everyday surroundings? A lot of people miss the daily humdrum of the college routine once they leave, so take a few snaps of your lecture halls, the scenery on your daily walk, and the campus itself. Don’t forget photos of your bedroom and social spaces where you hang out with friends, and make sure you get plenty of pictures of you wearing college clothing. These will bring back amazing memories one day in the future!

Plan The Ultimate Graduation

Graduation has a habit of creeping up on people, so take your last few months of college to consider how you want yours to go. Clothing is important to most people, so start thinking about what you will wear to the graduation ceremony and after-party early on. If possible, try on a graduation gown a few months in advance so you can see how it sits on you, and what clothing will work best for you underneath. Look into added extras such as graduation leis to give yourself a look that will stand out. As well as clothing, think about what you’d like to do with your friends once all the formal stuff is said and done – you will want to have a thought-through plan that does the occasion justice!

Go To A Game

Even if you’re not that into sports – either as a player or a spectator – make a few exceptions during your last year of college. The feeling of being part of a college community is never stronger than at a game, and you’ll want to know how that feels. A lot of people you speak to in the future may know your college for one of their sports teams, so being able to say you saw a team play once or twice might be helpful for future conversation-starters! Don’t leave college without buying some college merchandise too. Hoodies or sports t-shirts are classics, but think with a longer lens too. Perhaps you’ll have a family one day, and you’ll be pleased that you bought a couple of mini-me college t-shirts!

Pretend You’re New

Most people don’t miss that nervous feeling of just starting college. But the rush of college life often means you don’t explore as much as you should – which could include your campus, college town and the local surroundings. Pretend to yourself that you are new at some point during your senior year to try and see your college experience with fresh eyes. Go into a boutique you never went to before in town, walk down a street you haven’t visited yet, and plan a camping weekend to one of the nearby beauty spots. All these experiences will help to make forever memories of your college experience. 

Dress Up And Go Out

The senior year of college can involve a lot of revising for exams in tracksuits, but you need to strike a balance between work and play. Dress up properly one evening – even have a fashion show and pre-drinks before you head out – then hit the town. Don’t go to just any standard venue – find somewhere a bit more special that you can all afford. Even hiring a boat and going on a dinner or party cruise can be a fantastic way to spend an evening feeling glamorous with friends.

Plan For The Next Steps

The senior year at college is about finding balance in many things. Working hard enough to get the grades you need, and spending time enjoying life with friends, are two of the main things that both need to be done. It’s also wise not to totally put off what you’re going to do after college. Start looking at job adverts, internships and graduate schemes, and get a few interview-ready outfits together. It’s important to start focusing the mind in this direction – just don’t let this be the only thing you do during your last year at college.