3 Supplements That You May Have Missed for a Healthier Life

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As you approach your 40s, you may notice that your dad bod is starting to show and your memory is not as sharp as it used to be. Besides these physical changes, you also find yourself losing your cool more easily due to the constant stress you face in your career, family, and finances. 

Here are three types of supplements to boost your physical, mental, and financial health for your prime years. 

Supplement for Physical Health: Consume Health Supplements With Care

Contrary to popular belief, taking supplements is not always beneficial for your health – and can be damaging if consumed uninformed. For instance, increasing your testosterone through self-prescribed supplements without specific medical conditions can be harmful. If you experience low sex drive, chronic fatigue, and weight gain, seeking professional testosterone therapy can give you valuable insights into your condition and point you to the treatment that best suits your needs. 

In addition, supplements alone can’t make up for the poor lifestyle choices (i.e., having nutrient-deficit meals, insufficient sleep, etc.) you make that compromise your health. Maintaining a healthy diet, regular exercise, and adequate sleep can help your body and mind function and recover more optimally as you grow older. 

Most importantly, always consult a medical professional before consuming any new supplements. Supplements at your local drugstores are not regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration before they are made available; running them by a trusted healthcare practitioner can protect you from potential side effects and safeguard your health. 

Supplement for Mental Health: Manage Your Stress Differently 

Your 30s were a time of marrying your significant other, bringing up your little one, and paying off your student loans. But each milestone came with its fair share of challenges: you are still learning to navigate new terrains of your marriage and parenthood and paying off your car and mortgage loans. 

As you grow into your 40s, challenge your existing ways of doing things – including how you manage your stress and destress. But here’s the catch: it’s not about making drastic changes; making small, incremental changes can also help you tackle your everyday challenges and recharge more effectively. 

Getting into frequent disagreements with your partner? Explore new ways of communication, such as planned weekly check-ins. There is no shame in relying on a fixed time to resolve misunderstandings, set expectations, and show appreciation for each other. Cold wars and yelling also create unhealthy communication patterns for your children, who look to both of you as their role models. These conversations are not easy to have, but practicing mindful conversations can help build a stable long-term relationship and raise a healthy family together. 

Getting tired of your leisure activities? Switch them up. Make new plans with your loved ones to work out together, or prepare a new snack before your solo baseball match nights. Going about the same activities differently can rejuvenate you with minimal effort. You are still evolving as a person now; these minor changes can unleash new sides of yourself that you can learn to embrace in this stage of your life. 

Supplement for Financial Health: Prepare for Emergencies and Retirement Early

Besides keeping your health in check, you know how crucial it is to be financially ready for emergencies. Your 40s will be when you start to lose people you know and love to death, and in some cases, suddenly. Practicing cost-saving habits can better prepare you and your loved ones should something unfortunate happen to you. 

Review your insurance coverage routinely to ensure that your policies are in force and aligned with your current financial commitments. If you neglect to update your insurance coverage, you may need to fork out extra money for medical expenses or prevent your beneficiaries from receiving the appropriate payouts from your life insurance. 

Apart from preparing for unexpected situations, plan ahead for your retirement. If you haven’t already done so, opt for your company’s 401k plan – a savings and investments plan that allows you to save and invest a portion of your monthly paycheck for your retirement. While you may have to work your expenses and spending habits around your post-contribution salary, participating in a 401k plan will ensure that you can retire comfortably without worrying about your finances when you eventually retire. 

Your Prime Years Are In The Making

You would have chalked up your fair share of experiences at this age, molding the character, habits, and preferences you have today. As we grow older, we may prefer to stick to what we are familiar with as it is easier to accept or resign to the state of our health, relationships, and finances as they are now. But it’s never too late to challenge the status quo; making the right changes to your life can allow you to grow more meaningfully in the new decade – and the years to follow.