What Are the Myths About Man-Made Diamonds?

Looking for engagement rings made of the diamond can be hard if you are looking for an ethical, natural diamond. Nowadays, people switch to Man Made Diamonds after knowing about their sustainability, ethicality, and affordability. Man-made diamonds cost much lesser than natural diamonds. However, many people believe the myths related to lab-created diamonds, such as they don’t have any resale value as these diamonds are synthetic. These myths have resulted from the mined diamond industry, which fears that it will run severe losses once customers know about the benefits of man-made diamond stones. 

Myth #1: the lab-created diamonds are not real diamonds

It is a big marketing myth that people who invest in natural diamonds want to damage the reputation or goodwill of man-made diamonds. The main reason behind spreading the myth is that customers will start believing that they are receiving inferior diamonds from labs that are not real. However, the truth is lab-made diamonds are real, just like natural mined diamonds, and are also quite similar in properties to that of a mined diamond. The only distinction is that mined diamonds are obtained from the earth’s crust while artificial diamond stones are made in certified labs. Both the diamonds are made of carbon and have similar optical, chemical, and physical properties. Therefore, Lab Created Diamond Rings are also real like natural mined diamond rings.

Myth #2: man-made diamond stones are synthetic diamonds

Lab diamonds are called synthetic diamonds due to some marketing schemes. The words like synthetic and natural are prohibited to include in diamond marketing. FTC stated that lab diamonds are identical to natural mined diamonds and are diamonds irrespective of whether they’re grown in any lab or on the earth’s crust. Lab-grown diamonds are designed from crystallized carbon, similar to natural diamonds, and don’t fall into diamond simulants. This is how lab diamonds are designed at New World Diamonds.

Myth #3: man-made diamonds are not as durable as the mined diamonds

Diamond rings have become famous due to the phrase’ Diamonds are forever’ since diamonds have durability and strength, making them the hardest substance on earth. This has led to ultimately believing that all lab-created diamonds aren’t durable like earth-formed natural diamonds. However, this is false. Best man-made diamonds have high durability as they are made of carbon and have similar physical characteristics. These stones have similar carbon crystallization to natural diamonds, so they won’t fade, change colors or crack. Man-made diamond jewelry does not become discolored or fade over time.

Myth #4: The Lab-created diamonds have no resale value

Due to the phrase’ Diamonds last forever,’ people started believing that diamond rings or accessories are a means of a good investment as they have a resale value. This is another myth as diamonds depreciate in their value. Although you can resale diamonds easily, you won’t be paid more than the price you have invested earlier on it until and unless you have purchased a rare diamond that also gets auctioned. There are markets for the best man-made diamonds, similar to natural diamonds, and so you can also resell Lab Created Diamond Rings. Man-made diamonds cost less, and they also have resale value.

Myth #5: man-made diamonds are not so eco friendly

The main reason why people mostly invest in Man-made diamond jewelry is that they belong to ethical diamonds, which are good for our planet. There are myths associated with the sustainability of these lab-created diamonds. They were initially created with HPHT or the High-Pressure High-Temperature method, which required much electricity. Presently, a new method of diamond creation in labs is done through the CVD method (chemical vapor distillation), which needs less energy and electricity. In this way, lab diamonds are created at the New World diamonds.

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