15 Best Children’s Day Gifts for Your Son In 2022

Dear readers! Are you wondering what gift to give to your son as a birthday present, appreciative present, or whatever the occasion may be in 2022. It isn’t too late and you don’t worry as we have discussed 15 amazing gifts to put a big smile on your sons’ face. Let’s get started!

  1. Coloring Book

Coloring books aren’t just for boys to flip through to see the amazing images but also serve as educational contents. A gift of their favorite character coloring book such as superheroes, dragons, Minecraft, Pokémon, athletes, astronauts  and scientists, video games characters, musicians and so on which will excite anytime they add colors. They can color their favorite characters and images and continue to have wonderful coloring adventures. These coloring books will develop their color recognition skill, focus, creativity skill and fine motor skills.

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  1. Lol Surprise Toys

The Lol surprise toys which is also known as little outrageous little surprise is a brand that has become popular among kids in recent times. The LOL are high tech and movie inspired toys and dolls that have become quite a favorite of kids because of their beautiful and colorful look. You can gift your sons’ toys such as Boys Arcade Heroes, Eye Spy, Boys Series 1-5, light series, pets balls collectible dolls, me and my bro color change, All stars sports ultimate collection series, and so many more.

  1. Crazy Forts

If your son is a lover of imaginative adventure, put a smile on his face with these amazing crazy forts that will make him a home builder. With this building and creative toys, he can create a cave, a pirate ship, an igloo, a tent, castles or domes and even towers using creativity.

  1. Card Games 

Boys enjoy card games and giving them their favorite will make them happy and have endless fun, boost their memory and creativity skills as well as enhance critical thinking. You can get such games such as Pokémon assorted cards, Monopoly, UNO, Go Fish and so on.  

  1. Over-Ear Headphones

Make your sons have an interesting and fun time listening to music, watching movies/videos and playing video games with the use of over-Ear headphones. This gift is a great way to encourage would-be kids’ podcasters, presenters and talk show hosts. You can get suitable brands such as Zamkol, iClever BTH12, Buddyphones Explore +, to mention but a few. So, put a smile on your boy’s face with the recommended brand and others you can find on your own. 

  1. Coding Robots

In a tech driven age, kids are learning to code at a young age. So, you can acquire coding robots for your sons such as Botley the coding resources, Sphero mini, Artie 3000, Thames and Kosmos, STEM robot kit and so on. This will help your kid to develop a higher IQ level and superior intelligence, computational thinking, creativity and problem solving.

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  1. Moon Lamp 

This is a perfect gift for sons who love astronomy. You can give them the moon lamp to illuminate their living space as well as enjoy gazing at the moon and stars. The moon is a 3D printed technology with a look-alike lunar surface that comes in 16 colors which serves as a wonderful decorative tool.

  1. Talking Microscope

If you have sons who love musical pretend games, want to be musicians or musical icons, the talking microphone is one useful gift that will enable them to have countless karaoke times. These microphones come in different colors and you can get your son his favorite and watch him have great fun. Get brands such as VERKB, ION audio tailgater and so on.

  1. Zero Gravity Laser Race Car

If not all, most boys love cars and will definitely love the gift of a race car. This car looks fascinating as it drives up walls and even climbs the ceilings when it is guided. The laser points guide the movement of the race car as you want. 

  1. Blank Comic Book

Kids are easily fascinated by awesome comic books. You can give your son a wonderful surprise with a blank comic book to set off his imagination. Your kid can draw his favorite character, superhero and other images. The blank comic books have numerous pages for endless artistic and creativity drawings. 

  1. Pokémon Battle Academy

If your sons are Pokémon obsessed, then you can get them a Pokémon trading card game. This card game have their favorite character of Pikachu and charizard or even Mewto. The game box has 3 complete Pokémon TCG decks, 2 tutorial card, two player gameboard, 1 coin and so on.

  1. Creator Cam for Kids

In a world where content creation is a huge market, kids are also getting interested in creating video contents. If your sons love creating videos, creator cam for kids makes it interesting and exciting to produce their contents. The cam is a safe tool for them as it isn’t connected to the internet. 

  1. Helicopter Drone for Kids

Your son will definitely love a flying object/ toys as a gift, for photography and even as a flying adventure for pretend play and pilots. There are many Helicopter drone brands that you can get for your kids such as Altair 818, AA108 drone, Blackhawk drones, EACHINE E010 Mini, Outlaw SE, dragon drone and so many more.

  1. Boost Creative Toolbox

This is a perfect one for LEGO lovers and STEM. The boost creative toolbox toy for kids is a combination for the performance of coding activities, robots and creativity arts.  With this, kids can build their own program and robots following the guides which in turn gives them an early start on science, engineering, technology and robotics. 

  1. Riddle Book/Games

If your kid loves solving riddles and puzzles, a perfect gift for such is a Riddle game/book.  You can get Harry Potter riddles for kids, Bible riddle games, puzzle books etc. to serve as brain-teasers, word play and historical riddles to enhance their critical thinking skills. See more: Riddles for Kids with Answers

I believe that you have gotten great insights to gifts that can put a big smile and laughter on your sons. Hurry to the store and get it as soon as you can! Ensure that you share this post to help others.