Benefits of using a dry herb vaporizer

Dry herb vaporizers have become the new device for herb consumers. Something that was previously looked down upon but now is growing at a very fast pace, the consumption of herbs, especially cannabis and marijuana, has seen a massive increase in recent years. Statistics have shown that since Covid-19, 50% of the cannabis users have increased their cannabis consumption, 55% more females have become cannabis buyers, 25 Billion Dollars worth of weed was sold in 2021, and over 44% of Americans can easily get legalized cannabis, legalization of weed is supported by over 91% of the adults and the Global cannabis sales in 2021 reached 32 Billion Dollars (Flowhub, 2019). With the cannabis industry growing at such a fast pace, many people are choosing dry herb vaporizers for the consumption of cannabis due to the number of benefits they get over smoking it.


Not only are there certain health benefits of using dry herb vaporizers but one may also get some recreational advantages

·      It is convenient:

The convenience element is one of the most prevalent reasons for dry herb vaporizers’ popularity. Dry herb vaporizers provide a number of advantages, such as the feature that they are mobile and handy, allowing you to smoke them at any time and in any location. There is absolutely no installation needed in order, unlike when smoking a joint, which requires crushing and rolling the bud before you can begin smoking. The thermal element of a dry herb vaporizer will warm the herb for users to consume, and then the user just turns it off. With a vape pen, the process is similar: simply turn on the heat to warm up the e-liquid and let it evaporate, then turn it off to keep it cool. This means one may smoke their favorite herb on the road, and the smoking procedure is much faster than traditional cigarettes, so users save quite a lot of effort and time.

·      It is healthier:

Since users don’t combust any paper with a dry herb vaporizer or a vape pen, it’s far better than consuming from a cigarette or a blunt. They are not literally burning the marijuana when they use a dry herb vaporizer; instead, they are simply warming it up, unlike burning the plant when they use a joint or a blunt. A vaporizer with better control settings makes it even better since there is more control over how much heat is to be produced. Because a vaporizer does not utilize combustion to heat the herb, no dangerous pollutants are produced during the vaping process. At least 250 of the over 7,000 compounds included in cigarette smoke are known to be toxic, including hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide, and ammonia. At least 69 of the 250 known toxic compounds in tobacco smoke can increase the risk of cancer. The following are some of the cancer-causing compounds:  Acetaldehyde, Aromatic amines, Arsenic, Benzene, Beryllium (a toxic metal), 1,3–Butadiene (a hazardous gas), Cadmium (a toxic metal), Chromium (a metallic element), Cumene, Ethylene oxide, Formaldehyde, Nickel (a metallic element), Polonium-210 (a radioactive chemical element), Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), Tobacco-specific nitrosamines and Vinyl chloride ((cdccdc) et al., 2014; Darden, 2021). There is no such risk in using dry herb vaporizers and therefore, they are much healthier as compared to smoking herbs.

·      Better flavor:

When cannabis is burnt, the terpenes are not released, lowering the taste of the cannabis. Terpenes are the molecules that are fundamental for the way many plants taste and are abundantly available in cannabis and fruits. The citrus scent that wafts up to your nostrils when you cut into an orange, for example, is a result of the terpenes being emitted. Burning cannabis has a detrimental effect on taste because the toxic chemicals in the smoke block the release of terpenes. That’s why vaporizing dried herbs releases more terpenes and improves the flavor. Vaping necessitates the use of flavors. Because cannabis is physically put on fire in a joint, it has a charred flavor and smell when inhaled. When using a dry herb vaporizer, the herb is simply warmed enough just to activate the desired terpenes and cannabinoids and deliver the plant’s finest advantages.When the plant matter is burnt, the terpenes inside the herb have a far more pleasant fragrance. Especially opposed to smoking, many people find that vaporized terpenes provide a more pleasant and relaxing experience.

·      No smell:

Vaping allows you to manage the temperature, which influences the high, and hence the consequences, enabling you to have shorter puffs at a time as needed. Dry herb vaporizers are fantastic since they don’t produce foul breath because of the absence of smoke. Herb vaporizers are rather unnoticeable, especially at low vapor temperatures. However, since they really heat and disintegrate herbs, they do not totally disguise odors. Even though there is no real burning of the herb, the distinctive fragrance will remain mildly changed. Vapor can be almost odorless and evaporate in a matter of seconds, but at greater levels, you’ll get thicker vapors with a stronger fragrance that lasts longer.

·      Better potency:

When people smoke, they lose between 15-20% of the herb’s strength, however when they vape, the temperature created is considerably lower and far more precise, allowing the chemicals to be used and retained to their maximum potential, making the vapor more pristine and potent and, as a side benefit, consuming less herb. There are other vaporizers allowing people to consume THC extract, which is a far more condensed and powerful form of cannabis. Vaporizers could very well provide a purer and more powerful experience than burnt cannabis, with fewer contaminants in the vapor. Granted, this is only true if the THC product is free of any dangerous contaminants.


Dry herb vaporizers are a great choice for not only one’s health but also for their satisfaction. Having better control over the general functions provides users with a better variety of options. Many brands with good dry herb vaporizers, such as ones from, provide even better control and experience to the users.