Rockon Recreation Rentals: Architect-Entrepreneur Designs Experience Platform for the Outdoors


Designing and building things is in Gregory Faucher’s blood – in fact, it’s something he’s been doing since he was a kid. Gregory graduated FIU with Honors in 2010 with his Master’s in Engineering for Construction Management, after he grabbed is Bachelors of Architecture as well. So it’s no surprise that when he decided to start his own business, he chose to apply his analytical thinking and design skills in an innovative way. 

In the current day and age, we’ve become increasingly used to being able to book incredible stays using the web, thanks to the likes of Airbnb and other vacation rental providers. The Airbnb phenomenon has captured the inspiration of many people. You get to pick someone’s home to stay in, in a neighborhood that looks appealing or in a corner of the world that has captured your imagination, and live like a local for a while. “Using technology to browse and book all of the elements of a vacation or staycation is what’s expected in our era. The more convenient we make that journey for the shoppers, the more likely they are to take action on it.”, said Rockon Recreation Rentals founder, Gregory Faucher.

With the Covid-19 pandemic hitting people hard – and the travel and leisure industry inevitably suffered – most people had to limit planning travel and leisure experiences for a while. Although this was tough for a couple of years, experts are saying that this has also created a renewed interest in people wanting to book vacations and one of a kind experiences. Individuals, couples and families want to live life again, and they want to do so to the fullest! We’re also seeing trends in people wanting to discover more of what their localities have to offer, and have new experiences in their doorsteps.

This is where Rockon Recreation Rentals experiences-marketplace comes in. Often referred to as the Airbnb for Outdoor Recreation Experiences, the idea is that it is a platform that offers marketing, booking, and back-office software for experience providers, while also creating a place for experience-seekers to browse, compare, and book all from one place. The two services go hand-in-hand and it becomes a place where the experience-seekers, meet the experience-providers at a crossroads where communication and payment is overseen by a larger more trusted outfit for the benefit and peace of mind for both parties.


In terms of marketing, Rockon takes an omni-channel approach. They apply SEO to the experience provider’s website to maximize exposure online. Experience providers also get ongoing access to a digital marketing services funded and performed by Rockon. In addition, Rockon provides a concierge service to experience-seekers who call, email, chat or text them looking for recommendations of things to do and Rockon staff actively recommends the experiences being offered by their partners using the platform.

Whole Systems Approach

Indeed, the end to end system makes running experiences much more efficient for experience providers. Communications can be automated, helping people who book experiences feel connected and well informed about what is happening. They receive everything from automated booking receipts to follow ups and reminders. After the experience has taken place, they also get automated review requests, which helps keep reviews and ratings steadily coming in, without any of the time and effort on the side of the experience provider. When experience providers get started on Rockon, everything is easy to build into the system, and the system will help providers build their calendars and offers.

Inspiring Beginnings

Rockon Recreation Rentals was devised by the architect turned entrepreneur, Gregory Faucher. He used the skills and disciplines he learned in architecture school and applied it towards designing business model solutions. Faucher says he is a huge fan and follower of Marcus Lemonis, and his TV show called ‘The Profit’. Faucher describes the endless desire Lemonis has to help small businesses grow into their fullest potential as being incredibly inspiring.

This principle was the driving factor behind Rockon Recreation Rentals, which stands at the intersection of merging solutions for small business, outdoor experiences, and technology. Rockon Recreation Rentals now has hundreds of five star reviews, thousands of users, and serves multiple US states. It is one of the fastest growing companies of its kind. At the moment, the experiences available via Rockon Recreation Rentals are vast and varied too. There are boat and jet ski rentals, ATV rentals, manatee tours, kayak rentals and stand up paddle boarding experiences, plus much more.

A new way of doing business, Rockon Recreation Rentals is well on its way to becoming the go-to platform for people looking to experience the outdoors. Faucher and his team are disrupting the status quo and making a big splash in the process.

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