One of my primary goals as faculty of the Educational Specialist (Ed.S.) program in School Psychology at FIU is to provide quality teaching and supervision of graduate students as they prepare to become school psychologists. Because my class sizes in School Psychology tend to be smaller than most other graduate programs, I often view the class as a “community of learners,” which emphasizes active teaching and learning between students and instructor by contributing values, experiences, and knowledge in order to achieve academic goals. Because over 75% of our graduate students come from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, this has fueled my commitment to train culturally competent practitioners as our school populations become increasingly diverse. Thus, my philosophy of teaching is to promote responsibility, engagement, assessment, and mentorship to ensure that my students are well equipped with the knowledge and skills to deliver high quality mental health and educational services in urban settings.

FIU Class of 2016

Graduate Courses taught at FIU (2011-present):

  • SPS 6190: Academic Assessment and Intervention in the Schools (syllabus)
  • SPS 6191: Psychoeducational Assessment I: Intellectual (syllabus)
  • SPS 6192: Psychoeducational Assessment II: Process (syllabus)
  • SPS 6193: Psychoeducational Assessment III: Behavior (syllabus)
  • SPS 7705: Neuropsychological Issues in School Psychology (syllabus)
  • EDF 5443: Measurement and Evaluation in the Classroom (syllabus)
  • EDF 6211: Educational Psychology: Applied Foundations (syllabus)

Undergraduate Courses taught at FIU (2011-present):

  • EDF 3430: Measurement and Evaluation in the Classroom (syllabus)

Courses taught at Michigan State University (2005-2008):

  • CEP880: Cognitive Assessment
  • CEP240: Dynamics of Personal Adjustment
  • TE150: Reflections on Learning

TE 150: First class taught in 2005