Welcome to my  FIU MyWeb .

And welcome to an IN-PERSON Fall 2022.

I am teaching Introduction to Ethics, Aesthetics, Philosophy of Film, and Global Aesthetics this year. 

My office hours are 2-3 pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays:

You can schedule an appointment with me via the button below (“Schedule An Appointment”) or by visiting escarbro.appointy.com. When you sign up it will ask you if you would like a ZOOM appointment, phone appointment, or in-person appointment. In-person appointments are on the third floor of DM in my office (DM 341 B). All students must wear masks in my office (if this isn’t OK with you – you may choose a phone or Zoom appointment). The ZOOM link will be sent to you. My google voice number is 786-763-2930. If you text by google voice number, please include your name in the text because otherwise, I won’t be able to tell who it is! 

I am always happy to make appointments outside my regular office hours.

If you’d like to e-mail me you can do so at escarbro@fiu.edu. Here are some general helpful hints about emailing professors.

Additionally, please consider using the PHILOSOPHY PEER TUTORING CENTER. This is a completely free service that will help you if you are taking Introduction to Philosophy or Introduction to Ethics. Book appointments here: fiuphitutors.appointy.com 

My personal website can be found at elizabethscarbrough.com


DM Sky Lounge

Check out Miami Brutalism’s page on my office building! https://miamibrutalism.tumblr.com/search/FIU