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Designing For Digital: A conference recap

I just got back from Austin, TX. I went for the Designing For Digital Conference. In a nutshell, it’s a conference for Librarians who are into UX design. It was pretty cool. And as an FYI, D4D is basically the kid sister of the bigger Electronic Resources & Libraries Conference (ER&L). It started as an add-on but grew into its own thing.

At it’s best, we were sharing our successes as we strive for an improved User Experience when they visit our domains (both physical & technological). At worst, it devolved into a complaining session… That part wasn’t too cool…

But the main reason I got to go to this conference was that I dragged my colleague into submitting a presentation. And we got accepted! We presented, UX First: Digital design solutions for improving User Experience via Libguides CMS

Here’s the abstract:

Traditional web design principles don’t always apply to academic libraries – our goal is often not to keep users on our pages, but to steer them through a myriad of disconnected third-party proprietary resources. This session details a case-study of a library’s undertaking to improve the user’s research journey while designing for UX-First.

So that’s what’s going on in my library world.

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