Dr. Price is a chemical hydrogeologist who uses natural geochemical tracers including the stable isotopes of oxygen and hydrogen to track water flow and chemistry throughout the hydrologic cycle.  She also investigates water-rock interactions in carbonate aquifers, seawater intrusion and sea level rise. She has conducted hydrologic investigations in south Florida related to Everglades restoration for over 20 years.  She has also conducted hydrologic investigations in Spain, Mexico, and Australia.

Current Research Projects

Florida Coastal Everglades – Long Term Ecological Research Program 

Dr. Price is co-PI and lead of the Hydrology Group of this NSF Funded Project. For more information, click:

CREST-Center for Aquatic Chemistry and Ecotoxicology

Dr. Price is a co-PI of this NSF Center for Research Excellence in Science and Technology.  She is investigating the fate and transport of contaminants in south Florida.  For more information click:

Loxahatchee Impound Landscape Assessment (LILA)

 Dr. Price is investigating the ecohydrology of tree islands in an effort to assist water managers with Everglades Restoration.  This project is funded by the South Florida Water Management District (SFWMD) as part of RECOVER:

Deering Estate Rehydration Project

This project is investigating the effectiveness of the rehydration of the Cutler Slough at the Deering Estate, Miami, Florida.

Florida Bay Lakes Project

This project is investigating the hydrological conditions including groundwater discharge, residence times, and phosphorus loadings to coastal lakes in the southern Everglades.  This project is funded by the SFWMD.

Sea level Rise

Dr. Price continues to monitor sea level rise and its effects on aquifers

and  south Florida’s coastal resources