Dr. Ryan Pontier

Bilingualism in Education Research Lab

The Bilingualism in Education Research Lab consists of Dr. Pontier and graduate students, research assistant y amantes del aprendizaje de lenguar. We live in the multilingual city of Miami, and we work and learn at Florida International University. Our research interests span a number of focus, including PreK-12 general education, bilingual education [and dual language education], ESOL, heritage language learning, foreign/modern language education. Through holistic perspectives of bi/multilingualism, we investigate teachers’ instructional practices in support of emergent bilingual students’ bilingual and academic development, teacher candidates’ and in-service teachers’ ideological stance toward bilingualism and bilingual education, and teachers’ and children’s naturalistic languaging practices in bi/multilingual early childhood education contexts.

Our Team

Graduate Students, Research Assistants y Amantes de Aprendizaje de Lenguar

Lergia Olivo

Lergia is a second year doctoral student in Teaching and Learning.

Ivian Destro Boruchowski

Ivian is a fourth year doctoral student in Teaching and Learning.

Diana Ortega

Diana is a student in the TESOL Masters program.

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