April Schantz and Vanessa Quiroz present their research at the Research Day event hosted by the Sunshine Education and Research Center at USF. They were among select graduate students invited from across top OHP programs in the US and Puerto Rico. Congratulations to both!


Lab member and Honors Faculty Fellow, Jose Rodriguez, with Dr. Ashley Nixon presenting at the Southern Management Association meeting in Charlotte.

Dean Heithaus with John Wittgenstein and Dr. Bruk-Lee at the CASE Awards

Dean Heithaus with John Wittgenstein and Dr. Bruk-Lee at the CASE Awards


John Wittgenstein receives the Best Dissertation Award
Congratulations to John Wittgenstein for winning the Best Dissertation Award from the College of Arts, Sciences, & Education!



Undergrad RA selected for the Organizational Science Summer Institute Fellows program at UNCC
Robert Coseano was selected as an Organizational Science Summer Institute Fellow. The program promotes the pursuit of graduate education by minority students in the area of organizational science. Robert has been an undergrad RA in my lab since 2015.

Congrats to Jose Rodriguez for winning the GSAW2016 Scholarly Forum
Jose Rodriguez was selected as a winner of the GSAW2016 Scholarly Forum award which will be presented to him in the Provost Awards on April 1st!

Congrats to Students who Presented at FIU’s Science Symposium
Rebecca Cortizo and Jennifer Mora recently presented at FIU’s Science Symposium hosted by the Honor’s College. Rebecca presented her poster titled “Safety First: Does thinking about the consequences matter?” and Jennifer presented her poster titled “Always on the Clock: Examining the relationship between engagement and technology assisted supplemental work They did a great job presenting their work!

Congrats to Students Presenting at SIOP
Jose Rodriguez and Archana Manapragada presented research on workplace conflict and safety (respectively) at SIOP 2016!

Congrats to Students Attending 2015 SMA Consortia
Several students from our IO program were selected to attend the Southern Management Association’s doctoral and pre-doctoral consortia this year. Congratulations to Renzo Barrantes, David Beane, and Archana Manapragada for being accepted to the late-stage doctoral consortium, Armando Falcon for acceptance to the early-stage doctoral consortium, and Caressa Rolle for acceptance in the pre-doctoral consortium. These students will also receive a $500 stipend for their attendance.

Archana Manapragada Receives NIOSH Pilot Grant
Archana Manapragada, a doctoral student, received funding for her research on workplace safety through the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health’s pilot grant program. This grant was given by the Sunshine Education and Research Center at the University of South Florida.

Jacob M. Waldrup Receives SIOP Foundation Small Grant
FIU alum Jake Waldrup, M.S. has recently received a grant through the SIOP Foundation’s Small Grant Program. This grant was presented to Katina Sawyer, Christian Thoroughgood, and Jacob Waldrup for their proposal titled: How Does Conflict “Work” Without Heteronormative Assumptions? Development and Validation of an LGB Identity-Based Work-Family Conflict Scale. Congrats!

OHP Lab invited to Annual Sunshine Excellence in Research Day at the University of South Florida