As the undergraduate program director (UPD) of the Earth and Environment Department, He oversees all 7 programs and 3 minors, and is serving in the committee of certificate program. He is now serving as the Co-director of Global Sustainable Tourism Program (GST).

He led the below university initiatives in my department:

  1. The Curriculum Enhancement Project (CEP) is designed to ensure that all undergraduate curricula in the College of Arts, Science and Education are effective, efficient and meet current standards of each discipline, thereby supporting student success maximally. The project consists of a sequence of five tasks that include the identification of Student Learning Goals (SLG) and Core Student Learning Outcomes (CSLO), curriculum review and mapping and the development and implementation of curriculum enhancement strategies.
  2. Creates guidelines for the change of major process into their majors (specific courses, grades, markers, milestones that would make a student more successful in different program).
  3. Created guidelines established for students wanting to switch into a major within the time frames.       
  4. Exit Exam Survey and Program Outcomes (POs) for all the programs in the department.
  5. Advising and Mentorship.
  6. Internship Placement and MOUs.
  7. Prestigious Scholarships.