Dr. Khoddamzadeh’s Conservation & Sustainable (C&S) Horticulture Lab projects broadly covers how to integrate the science and the stakeholders’ need to address the real challenges associated with climate change and species endangerment. This multidisciplinary research addresses a range of topics including in-vitro propagation (tissue culture) and gene-banking (cryopreservation) of the endangered plants, mycorrhizal fungi in urban environment, seed technology and biotechnology assessments, and optical non-destructive handheld sensor technology for sustainable water and fertilizer management of horticultural crops which is the very valuable practice for precision management decision making in botanic gardens, farms and nursery production.

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    Selected Publications

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    • Khoddamzadeh, A.A, Flores, J., Griffith, P and Souza Costa, B. N. 2023. Climate change adaptation and saltwater intrusion ecophysiological effects on Pseudophoenix Sargentii, Roystonea Regia, Sabal Palmetto ‘lisa’, and Thrinax Radiata in South Florida. Special Issue “Environmental Threats to the State of Florida-Climate Change and Beyond: Volume II”. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution. Sec. Biogeography and Macroecology
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