FIU WEF/FWEA Student Chapter

Last-elected Officers: 

Porsnri Suthanaruk (President), Achara Ussawarujikulchai (Vice-President), and Layla L. Llewelyn  (Treasurer/Secretary).

The Water Environment Federation/Florida Water Environment Association (WEF/FWEA) Student Chapter was established at Florida International University (FIU) in1994. It has, since then, pursued its goals of studying, understanding, participating, and contributing to the protection and enhancement of the local, regional, and global water environment. Its prime focus has been on the unique ecosystems of South Florida. The Chapter has won distinction and recognition at the campus, community, state, and national levels with unique contributions, including winnings in environmental engineering design competitions. Members and leaders have kept a tradition of excellence year after year. They are by all means the very best!

For information, please contact Dr. Walter Z. Tang, Faculty Advisor, at 305 348 3046 [or Professor Fuentes at (305) 348-2837].