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Take these virtual field trips with us to visit two local water treatment plants. (WTPs)

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Also, find out more about the Everglades.

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What’s Happening?

Find out why engineering students are interested in manatees.

Learn more about opportunities and activities in the FIU/WEF/FWEA!

Who are we?

What is the FWEA and the WEF?

The Water Environment Federation (WEF) is an international non-profit educational and technical organization of water quality experts. This water quality team of more than 40,000 professionals is represented by environmental, civil and chemical engineers, geologists and hydrologists, biologists, bacteriologists, chemists, government officials and students, that interact with each other to expand knowledge, share insights, and solve problems in the industry.

WEF’s mission is to preserve and enhance the global water environment

Setting the standards in water quality. . .

What are the objectives of the FIU Student Chapter of the FWEA?

  • to promote student interest in the environment
  • to provide an avenue for the exchange of information and ideas between students and environmental professionals in the FWEA and WEF
  • to present educational programs of general interest topics in water pollution control and related fields
  • to promote student-professional relationships with professionals in related fields

Why should I become a Member?

The WEF is a Federation of Member Associations (MA). The local MA is the Florida Water Environment Association (FWEA). The $24 annual Student membership fee includes membership in both the FWEA and the WEF. A FREE subscription to one of the following magazines is included in your membership:

  • Water Environment & Technology
  • Water Environment Research
  • Operations Forum
  • Water Environment Laboratory Solutions
  • Water Environment Regulation Watch
  • Your membership also qualifies you as an active member of the FIU FWEA. As an active member, you will be eligible to participate in any national or regional WEF or FWEA-sponsored events, and have voting privileges in the FIU Student Chapter. Non-active memberships are also available, but paid membership is strongly encouraged.


    For club information or comments, feel free to contact Dr. Walter Z. Tang at (305) 348-3046 [or Professor Fuentes at fuentes@fiu.edu].