Tune in to hear Dr. Rehage and PhD Candidate Carissa Gervasi discuss surprising results from her Jack Crevalle movement study. Listening platform links provided below!

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Our pharmaceuticals research was covered in the Miami Herald after results were discussed in Tallahassee with law makers. Link below!


Congratulations to our PhD student Lulu Lacy (left) for winning the Women Explorers Award which will fund her first field season. We are so proud!

Ayi Ajavon, our Coastal Ecosystems REU was featured on FIUs CASE News speaking about his passion for fisheries science and the amazing research he’s conducting this summer under PhD Candidate Jon Rodeman. Way to go Ayi, link below!

Congrats to our PhD Candidate Jon Rodeman and Masters Candidate Natasha Viadero for being featured on CBS news, speaking about their Foreverglades scholarship and ongoing research. Link below!

Our research on pharmaceuticals was featured in Florida Keys Free Press!

Tune into Tom Rowlands podcast with Dr. Rehage and PhD student Carissa Gervasi to hear them discuss a number of environmental issues and ongoing efforts in South Florida. Issues such as water flow to the Everglades, the health of Biscayne Bay, and Carissas study on Jack Crevalle are reviewed in depth! Video link;


Dr. Jennifer Rehage, who’s research focuses on Common Snook, Florida Largemouth Bass, Bonefish, juvenile Atlantic Tarpon and Jack Crevalle, talked with Captains for Cleanwater about how variations in waters physical properties (temperature, pH, density, turbidity) affect fish and the recreational fisheries they support within the Everglades and throughout South Florida. Check out the video below for more of an insight on these topics!

Big congratulations to our PhD student Jonathan Rodemann who has been awarded the SECOORA and FACT Network fisheries research grant. The funds will be put towards Jonathan’s research looking at Abiotic effects on movement of Spotted Seatrout and Grey Snapper in response to a seagrass die-off. More info on Jonathan’s award can be found in the following link:

A large focus of research in our lab looks at how disturbances such as hurricanes can affect the health and populations of sportfish. Some of our research conducted in Florida Bay has shown that Hurricane Irma may have boosted spawning and recruitment of fish species such as snook. This research has made its way into the Florida Sportsman magazine which you can check out in the May 2020 issue!

Congratulations to our PhD student, Carissa Gervasi, who was awarded the prestigious 2020 provost award for graduate student engagement. Her dedication towards community partnership and engagement within her research has led to significant community impact. Check out this link provided by CASE news to see more:

Happy Earth day! It is the 50th anniversary of Earth Day and the company Orvis presented a video featuring Dr. Jennifer Rehage discussing the impacts affecting the Florida Everglades. This video describes the importance of outreach and action needed to be taken by communities and legislature, as one, to enact change and provide an outlook of health and prosperity of the Everglades for generations to come!

Exciting news published by the Bonefish and Tarpon Trust in an article highlighting Dr. Ross Boucek and PhD student Nicholas Castillo latest findings in regards to bonefish spawning! Check out the article provided for more info:


Masters student, Natasha Viadero, demonstrating proper recovery techniques after acoustically tagging a largemouth bass to track their movements in the Shark River.

Dr. Rehage was featured in bullsugar’s article What’s wrong with Florida Bay? Click the link and watch the video for more information!

Carissa Gervasi’s Jacks article was selected as the winner for the 2019 American Fisheries Society student writing contest! Check it out here:

Our summer REU, Joshua Linenfelser, was features in the August edition of the FCE Newsletter! We’re thrilled to have him join our lab as a technician.

We’re always excited about getting our research out to the public! Our research was featured in the article ‘The Fix’ on Florida Bay in the May 2019 issue of Florida Sportsman magazine!

Florida Sportsman’s Watermen Fishing Show is officially out! Dr. Rehage talks about hypersalinity in the Florida Bay. Check out the video on YouTube!

We are happy to announce The Rehage Lab brought home 3 of 6 awards from the annual FCE All Scientist Meeting held in May. Congratulations to Dr. Rehage for being awarded Collaborator of the Year and to Jordan Massie and Jonathan Rodemann for winning the student poster awards!

Award winners of the FCE All Science Meeting held in May. From Left to Right, Jessie Guevara: Staff of the Year; Dr. Jennifer Rehage: Collaborator of the Year; Jordan Massie: Student Poster; Jonathan Rodemann: Student Poster; Luke Lamb: Student of the Year; Mareli Sanchez Julia: Student Poster

Florida Sportsman and Benny Blanco are teaming up with local scientists to bring attention to the challenges facing conservation through their new documentary series, Watermen. Dr. Rehage had the pleasure of inviting David Conway to her lab at FIU to discuss hypersalinity in Florida Bay and how it impacts our local fisheries. Check it out on Episode 2!
Watermen Documentaries

Congratulations to our high school intern, Mariaguadalupe Vichez, for winning the Miami-Dade County Science Fair Outstanding Marine Biology Project Senior High School Division for her work on Jack Crevalle in the coastal Everglades. 

We are honored to have some of our current bonefish research featured in an F.I.U. News article! Learn more about the state of bonefish in South Florida and what we’re doing to help conserve such a valuable species by checking out the article; It’s time to ratchet up bonefish conservation, FIU scientists say

BTT Symposium proceedings are out! Click the link to learn more about some of the most current bonefish, tarpon, and flats fisheries research to date. Special Issue on Fishes on the Flats

We are proud to have some of our research included in Bullsugar’s latest blog! Join their news letter for weekly updates on Everglades related issues and check out their latest blog here: Maybe there’s a silver bullet after all…

Congratulations, Dr. Santos, for being appointed as one of the 2018-2019 Preeminent Distinguish Postdoctoral Fellows and being featured on CASE News. Learn more about Dr. Santos and the projects he is involved with by checking out the article here: Dr. Rolando Santos: Making waves at FIU

One of our latest research projects headed by one of our PhD student, Carissa Gervasi, was featured in an article published by F.I.U. News! Check it out here: Researcher tracks feisty gamefish for conservation

Our lab is proud to be part of the Hutton Scholar Program! Congratulations to our latest young scholar, Jewel Walden, for making it on the programs flyer! We highly encourage interested high school students to apply to this incredible program which covers a wide range of subject areas with both lab and field opportunities!

Dr. Rehage and Ross Boucek got the opportunity to teach Jeff Corwin a bit about our work in Shark River! Check out the FIU CASE News article “Shocking” Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin.


We’re so proud of Carissa Gervasi for being awarded the Everglades Foundation’s ForEverglades Scholarship!

One of our Ph.D. students, Carissa Gervasi was featured on the FIU News article We are the Tropics for her work on how closures impact fish communities in Joe Bay, Little Madeira, and Long Sound!

We are honored to be included in a new article about interdisciplinary collaboration in Environmental Management, check it out here! Facilitaing Integration in Interdisciplinary Research: Lessons from a South Florida Water, Sustainability, and Climate Project. For more information on the 5 year project led by Mike Sukop visit their website at

Dr. Rehage and BTT staff had to opportunity to travel of Cuba for our collaborative work on bonefish at the International Workshop of Fish Pollution and Environment. Check out the article by FIU News To Understand Bonefish Look North and South.

BTT released an incredible video by Richard Kern on bonefish in Florida Bay and we were privileged to be a part of it! Check it out here: Stalking the Grey Ghost

Check out this new article on how Snook use of rivers along a latitudinal gradient published in collaboration with FWC!
Illustrating the value of cross-site comparisons: Habitat use by a large, euryhaline fish differs along a latitudinal gradient

Congratulations to Dr. Jesse Blanchard for successfully defending his dissertation!


Rehage Lab was happy to have Zenaida Navarro, a visiting student  from the University of Havana, on our first MAP sampling trip of the season! Thank you, Zenaida, for all your help!

We’ll share our campsite with our Citizen Scientists Dave, Larry, and Emilio any day!

F.I.U. News published an article on some of our current research in the coastal lakes of Everglades National Park, click the link to check it out! Freshwater flow affects Everglades fish. But how?

Our research in the coastal lakes was featured in Sport Fishing TV‘s Florida Bay show in February!

Our research was featured in an article published by Snook & Gamefish Fundation. Check it out and find out how you can get involved! Angler Data Helps re-open Joe Bay to Fishing After Nearly 40 Years of Closure

Our coastal lakes research was featured in The Ocean Tracking Network‘s article First Results of OTN Supported Snook and Tarpon Project in the Florida Everglades!

Congratulations to Vanessa Trujillo for successfully defending her dissertation!

Fish Slam 2017 was a successful attempt to remove invasive fish species! Check out an article published by Miami Herald! What’s smaller than a python but just as bad for South Florida? Invasive fish

Congratulations to Greg Hill for successfully defending his thesis!

Featured on OTN’s social media pages! Check out their twitter page! Ocean Tracking Network (OTN)

Our work in Joe Bay was featured in the FIU News article Scientists Study Portion of Everglades Closed to People for Decades.

Check out an article released by Florida Sportsman that features our research in the reopening of Joe Bay! Florida Sportsman – Joe Bay Reopens: The Everglades Newest No Motor Zone

Our coastal lakes research was featured on Saltwater TV! Check out the Battle of Florida Bay episode!

Listen to Dr. Rehage’s interview on WLRN’s Tropical Currents! Temperature Dips and South Florida Vegetation

D. Gandy and J. Rehage recently published a paper in Ecosphere! Click the link! Examining gradients in ecosystem novelty: fish assemblage structure in an invaded Everglades canal system


Our special issue in Ecosphere on the effects of cold-snaps was featured by NFS!


We are currently seeking a full time technician to join our lab! See full ad in prospective student page.

We hosted the ERDC CESU team, and the ACOE Jacksonville district, airboat ride included!

Ross Boucek receives Guy Harvey Scholarship award,

FIU News article featuring Project Bay Bones and its survey of bonefish anglers (Emily Kroloff’s Master’s research), Sept 2015, 

Florida Sportsman article features our bonefish survey, August 2015,

Guy Harvey Online Magazine features our collaborative work with Bonefish and Tarpon Trust and the bonefish survey, August 2015,

Sun Sentinel article features our bonefish survey in South Florida, August 2015,

Research in coastal Everglades featured on Jeff Corwin’s Ocean Mysteries (ABC), Season 4 Episode 20: Predators of the Shark River. Aired on May 23, 2015,


The Miami Herald featured an article on our new study on bonefish in Florida Bay, Nov 2014,

Angler magazine ‘FISHSENS’ featured an article on new research on snook recruitment and angler catches funded by the Everglades Foundation, Nov 2014.

Video by nonprofit organization Encounters in Excellence featuring our electrofishing sampling in the Shark River, Everglades National Park and our work involving recreational anglers, Fall 2014:

High-schooler digs the Everglades, article by high school student Felipe Tamayo, LTER Network News Fall 2014, Vol 27,

Article in Florida Sportsman magazine featuring our research involving recreational anglers, Oct  2014:

FIU News article featuring Everglades Foundation funding to PhD student Ross Boucek, Oct 2014:

FIU News article featuring Global Change Biology 2014 publication, May 2014: Article in the Coastal Angler magazine featuring our research involving recreational anglers, July 2014:


Article in the Miami Herald features our research involving recreational anglers, July 2013:

Story brief forthcoming in FIU Magazine (Fall 2013) featuring ecological traps research from: Trends in Ecology & Evolution publication,  magazine-fall-2013

NPR’s Radiolab article featuring Trends in Ecology and Evolution 2013 publication:

National Geographic article by C. Zimmer featuring Trends in Ecology and Evolution 2013 publication:

 FIU News article featuring Trends in Ecology and Evolution 2013 publication, July 2013:

FIU News article on Jessica Lee’s citizen science research, MS student in my lab, May 2013.

FIU News article featuring new National Science Foundation grant on Water Sustainability and Climate Change in the Everglades (Dr. M. Sukop is PI, Dr. J.S. Rehage is co-PI), March  2013:


Student musings form the LTER ASM, article by REU (Research Experiences for Undergraduates) undergraduate student Mari Soula*, FCE LTER Newsletter, Fall 2012,

My first scientific conference, article by REU (National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Undergraduates) undergraduate Mari Soula, LTER Network News Fall 2012, Vol 25,


Beacon student newspaper article featuring research by graduate student Diana Lopez (MS’ 2011), ‘Graduate student collects carnivorous fish, perform experiments’, Sept. 2009.