The stimuli for my studies will be posted here.

Dick, A. S. (2014). The development of cognitive flexibility beyond the preschool period: An investigation using a modified Flexible Item Selection Task (FIST). Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, 125, 13-34. (PDF)


The PDF includes demonstration and 12 trials per match (note the published study has 6 trials per match). The original study was programmed in Visual Basic. I converted these manually to Powerpoint. If there are any mistakes, please email me. The PDF is included here, but please also email me for the Powerpoint if you need it.


Dick, A. S. (2012). Sources of cognitive inflexibility in set-shifting tasks: Insights into developmental theories from adult data. Journal of Cognition and Development, 13, 82-110. DOI: 10.1080/15248372.2011.573516 (PDF)

2012 Stimulus Image Files

The above link contains the image files for the 2012 study. My host will not allow me to upload a .zip file. To access the image files, click the link and then “Save As” (this may require right-clicking the link). Change the name of the downloaded file 2012_image_files.jpg to and un-compress that file to access the image files.

Note: The physical dimensions of the image files differ from the original dimensions reported in the paper, which were presented on an older computer screen with a different resolution. However, the ratio of the dimensions remain the same (i.e., the ratio of small, medium, large remain the same). Images can be resized as-needed, but it is recommended that the ratios remain the same to conform to the published study. Researchers may also prefer to change the ratios, but this may affect the replicability of the study.