Welcome to the Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory at Florida International University (FIU), Miami, directed by Dr. Anthony Dick. The laboratory conducts leading research on how children’s brains develop as they learn language and problem solving skills (i.e., executive function). We use safe and non-invasive magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to learn about brain development. Our research is supported by active grants from the NIH (R01MH112588; R01DK119814; U01DA041156; R01HD098152) and from the National Science Foundation (NSF2028680), and our findings are published in major scientific journals and help to inform educational and mental health policy. Please use the links above to navigate the site!


The DCN Lab is part of the landmark ABCD study, a multi-site study of brain and cognitive development in adolescents. More information is here!

The DCN Lab has been awarded two R01s with Dr. Paulo Graziano of the S.E.L.F-Regulation Lab) to conduct an extensive neuroimaging study of young children with ADHD! More information is here!
See our publications and press releases on research supported by the National Science Foundation!


Our book, with Dr. Ulrich Müller, is an advanced graduate text for students in developmental science.

Recent Publications (last five years)

Roles: * Undergraduate student; ** Graduate student; ^ Post-Bac


Dick, A. S., & Müller, U. Eds. (2018). Advancing developmental science: Philosophy, theory, and method. New York and London: Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group.

BioRxiv/PsyArXiv Preprints/Under Review

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Published Peer Reviewed Articles, Chapters, and Other Formats

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*authors contributed equally to this manuscript

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