Dr. Quinete joined FIU in Spring 2020 as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Institute of Environment.

Her research interests are concentrated in the environmental and bioanalytical chemistry areas, focusing on assessing and understanding the sources, distribution, and fate of persistent organic pollutants and emerging contaminants in the different environmental and biological compartment and their potential impacts to humans and animals.

More specifically working on the development and improvement of analytical methods based on mass spectrometry (GC-MS and LC-MS) for the determination of several classes of pollutants, such as PFAS, pththalates, in surface water, drinking water, sediments, and biota.

Dr. Quinete laboratory is located in the Marine Science Building (MSB#210) at Biscayne Bay Campus (BBC) and her office at MSB#357.

Address: 3000 NE 151st ST, North Miami, FL 33181

Phone: 305-919-4113 (MSB-357) and 305-919-6250 (MSB-210)

Email: nsoaresq@fiu.edu