Pictures of the group

Faculty and Staff Appreciation day at Zoo Miami (2021)
Morgan, Xuerong and Daniel sampling water samples for PFAS analysis
Xuerong, Danni and Natalia sampling surface water in Miami Beach
Catie preparing oyster samples for PFAS analysis- Summer REU 2021
Natalia, Leila and Catie in the REU Symposium -Miami – Summer 2021
Xuerong presenting in person (first time) her work on NTA of PFAS in drinking and surface waters in South Florida @ SETAC Non-targeted Analysis For Environmental Risk Assessment, 22-26 May 2022 in Durham, NC.
Daniel and Natalia at the at Frontiers in Environmental Science and Health June 5-12, 2022 @ Morehouse School of Medicine
Marie and Carla collecting sample to learn sample preparation for phthalates analysis-Summer 2022
Carla preparing oysters for phthalates analysis -REU Summer 2022
Marie doing the cleanup of biological samples for phthalates analysis- REU Summer 2022
Neumiah and Maria collecting surface and bottom water from Biscayne Bay- REU summer 2022
Field trip- Having fun collecting water samples from Biscayne Bay