My research lab  spans two streams of research. First, we focus on workplace factors that impact employee health, safety and well being. Of primary emphasis are interpersonal conflicts at work, their antecedents and the processes whereby they impact employee attitudes and behaviors. We also assess the psychological factors that influence workplace safety behaviors. Second, we research the influence of technological advances on employee selection, with emphasis on the use of media-rich simulations, their validity, and applicant reactions to these assessments.


Current Doctoral Students of Dr. Bruk-Lee’s I-O Psychology Lab:

Armando Falcon
“I am an early stage doctoral student interested in the application of multidisciplinary research to improve the understanding of the social, psychological, and physical components that characterize the modern workplace. I am involved in a project with Dr. Bruk-Lee and researchers from other departments that is investigating the how social aspects of the workplace interact with physical features of the environment to influence the energy conservation behavior of the workers.”

Archana Manapragada
“I am a doctoral candidate interested in workplace health and safety. My research focuses on safety-related communication in organizations, and factors that may affect employees’ decisions to speak up about safety issues.”

Vanessa Quiroz

 “I am a Graduate McNair/ McKnight Fellow and Ph.D. student in the I/O Psychology program at Florida International University.  Broadly, I’m interested in deep work and multitasking to examine the impact it has on employee performance.”

Jose F. Rodriguez
“I am a Ph.D. candidate interested in occupational health psychology and the factors that lead to a healthy work environment.  My projects explore the mechanisms by which organizational factors impact on stressor-strain processes and drive employee wellbeing.”

April Schantz
“My name is April Schantz, a doctoral candidate in the Industrial-Organizational Psychology program at Florida International University, with my expected graduation from the doctoral program in 2017. My research interests include the influence of stress on employee effectiveness and well-being. Previous work investigated individual and organizational stressors contributing to strain and performance outcomes for 911 Emergency Dispatchers in Miami-Dade county. My current project examines the role of person-environment fit upon individual health and well-being outcomes for a broader sample of emergency responder roles.”

 Ariena Thompson

“I am interested primarily in OHP, with a focus on worker mental health and stress. Though I do have interests in other O related areas, such as groups and team, and I am also interested in training.”

Current Undergraduate Students of the Lab: 

Rebecca Cortizo
 “I am interested in the occupation health psychology field, which involves advancing and promoting the safety and health of workers. More specifically, I am interested in examining the influence of modern workplace technologies on employee well-being.”

Robert Coseano
“I am interested in learning more about employee satisfaction, interpersonal conflict in organizations and job stress factors. These areas are relevant to creating healthy work organizations, which promote employee health and well-being. In addition, these factors can relate to cost reduction for organizations by reducing turnover intentions and promoting healthier relationships in organizations.”

Jennifer Mora
“I am interested in topics that include occupational health and well-being of employees affected by occupational stress, psychosocial factors, and safety. I am also interested in the influence that personality traits as well as technological advances & accessibility has on employee’s productivity and welfare.”