About FIU MyWeb

What is FIU MyWeb?

MyWeb is a WordPress environment for students to create their own personal web pages quickly and easily. Students can log in using their FIU credentials and begin creating web pages right away. All active FIU students can create a single web site based on their FIU user name.

Who can use FIU MyWeb?

Active FIU students with a valid FIU login (the same as your FIU email) can log into MyWeb and create their own website. After you leave FIU, your website may be removed, so be sure to save any data (pictures, writings, videos) on your own computer.

What can I post on an FIU MyWeb page?

Any original writings, quotes, and pictures can be posted on your personal website.
You may NOT post any of the following

  • Hate speech
  • Violence
  • Pornography
  • Copyrighted materials

Please see the FIU Student Handbook for more information on appropriate content for student websites and the official computer use policies.
For more information, view the current student handbook:


How do I use FIU MyWeb ?

Users familiar with WordPress will feel right at home. Even if you have not used WordPress before, you can create a website quickly and easily with FIU MyWeb. Please see the Documentation page at the top menu of this site for instructions on how to get started.

What will my website address be?

Once you create your site with FIU MyWeb, you can let others know that your website is available at http://myweb.fiu.edu/your-username.  For example, if your FIU username is jdoe001, your FIU MyWeb website is available at http://myweb.fiu.edu/jdoe001

Who do I contact if I need help with FIU MyWeb?

If you experience any issues with FIU MyWeb, please contact the IT Support Center at https://it.fiu.edu or by calling 305-348-2284.